Easy Outfits for Around $100

It is a well-established fact that I am cheap. Bargain shopping is my meditation.

The thrill of the hunt fills me with joy. A $200 pair of jeans for $25? Yes, please. Cashmere sweaters for $30? Don’t mind if I do. Those finds are out there, and my eye is trained. I realize that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for such, so here are some fully fleshed out options for exceptionally reasonable prices. There is little that annoys me more than “Buy This Whole Outfit” articles on websites that total anywhere from $300 to absolutely bananas sums (I’m looking at you, GOOP). Let’s try something a little more reasonable, shall we?

Casual Daytime Look

Polyvore set with maroon, beige, and cream Fair Isle cardigan, beige tank, light ripped jeans, brown heeled boots, 5 multicolored bracelets and cream and rhinestone drop earrings
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The grand total for this look is $131.50. The bracelets and earrings took me over the top, but they were so darn cute. While I know some are averse to the whole ripped jeans thing, I like them. My husband enjoys mocking me when I wear them, and I in turn enjoy mocking his cargo pants and T-shirt uniform. This is a guy who honestly thought a button up, short-sleeved Dickie’s shirt was acceptably “dressed-up” for an evening fundraising gala. Yeah, I’m gonna take fashion advice from him.

Casual Friday

Polyvore set with cream cardigan, deep red v-neck tee, beige damask print pants, tan flats and brown wood necklace
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The grand total here is $101.50, and all of these pieces are so easily interchangeable with other outfits, which I love. I have this cardigan in the cream and navy, and I wear them all the time. They have all the comfort of a sweatshirt without looking sloppy or too casual for work. I also love the rich color of the tee, which makes it look way more expensive than it is.

Casual Friday Part II

Polyvore set with dark red blazer, grey thermal long sleeve, grey booties and turquoise and gold necklace
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Grand total— $110. Apparently I am having a thing for blood red right now, everyone. I didn’t realize it until I just uploaded this, but I am being inexplicably drawn to it for some reason. I don’t even think I own anything in that color, though I think I should probably remedy that, considering how much I seem to enjoy it. Again, it comes down to richness of color. Much of the time, when dealing with inexpensive clothing, the colors scream “CHEAP.” When you go with a jewel tone, it really helps add a lushness to the item. Also, wedge booties are a great way to get used to heels if you are interested in trying them but are afraid of falling over. They offer more stability and support than a smaller heel. I prance around in 4-5″ heels every day of my life because I love towering over everyone, but again, I realize not everyone is into that so much. But, if you are looking to get better in walking in heels, these would be a good way to start.

Running Around Town

Polyvore set with hot pink zip-up hoodie, black sweats, white tank and leopard print sneakers
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Some days, okay, most days, I would prefer to stay in my pajamas for the duration. Most days, this is not an option. However, there are ways that you can go about feeling like you are in your cozies without looking like you just rolled out of bed. Most of those ways involve animal print sneakers, because animal print makes everything better. EVERYTHING! This outfit clocks in at around $110, and I am very against spending $30 on a pair of sweats, however, I might be willing to make an exception for these bad boys. They are the perfect amount of slouchy without being schlumpy, and let’s be real— they will go on sale at Target and then I can buy them guilt-free. I really like the Converse clothing that Target carries, so if you are looking for sporty-yet-stylish pieces, they are a good place to start.

Out on the Town

Polyvore set with a black short dress with gold metal belt, black heels, and a gold geometric cuff
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Sometimes a gal just needs to put on a kick ass little dress, some heels, and an awesome piece of jewelry and call it done. Yes, pops of color are nice, but sometimes I don’t want a pop of fucking color. I want to be all in black, a physical manifestation of my heart and soul. This dress accessorizes itself with that amazeballs belt, so keeping everything else simple is a good way to let it speak for itself. Isn’t it nice to look like a million bucks for the bargain price of $105?

Where are your favorite bargain shops?


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