Friday News Bites: Olympic Shenanigans, Transgender Rights + More

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. My sympathies to those of you dealing with unusual snow storms or flooding or any other inclement weather. Winter certainly is not going quietly this year. Let us catch up with a few newsy items, shall we?

Facebook has expanded their gender identity options to be more inclusive. The Human Rights Campaign has more details, as well as information from a recent survey concerning gender-expansive youth.

Earlier this week, British comedian Avery Edison was detained by immigration officials at the Toronto airport for having an expired visa. Because her genitalia did not match her gender marked on her passport, they decided to transfer her to a males-only facility. Various other horrible things ensue.

In Olympic commentary news, Bob Costas appeared on television looking quite worse for wear with his double eye infection. Dude’s a trooper for even turning up, I say. However, he eventually stepped aside to let Matt Lauer continue coverage, and he’s letting his eyes heal.

PS: Did you know that the Canadian Olympians have the very best beer fridge around?

In other sporting news, Sky the 5-year-old wire fox terrier won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this week. Look at that bearded face:

Sky the wire fox terrier: Best in Show 2014
(Image via Westminster Kennel Club Facebook page.)

On Wednesday, the Corvette Museum had a very bad, sinkhole-filled day. Pour one out, car lovers.

In other R.I.P news: Actress Shirley Temple died on Monday, aged 85. Also on Monday, celebrated Doctor Who director Christopher Barry — who worked on the very first episode with the Daleks and made episodes with each of the first four Doctors — died at age 88.

Let’s end on an up-note: Here are 50 Sexy Books to Get You in The Mood for Valentine’s Day.

Until next time, friends.

By Sara Habein

Sara Habein is the author of Infinite Disposable, a collection of microfiction, and her work has appeared on The Rumpus, Pajiba and Word Riot, among others. Her book reviews and other commentary appear at Glorified Love Letters, and she is the co-manager of Electric City Creative.

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