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Killing Time Until GoT: Five Weeks Out

Time never moves as slowly as when one is waiting for something. In this case, kings, swords, badass ladies, and dragons.

To help us pass the time until HBO lets us return to Westeros, we’re introducing a new feature, outlining all the fun GoT related stuff on the web we can find. A one stop shop for fueling your obsession with the seven kingdoms. If you know of some great essays, fan art, news stories, or photo spreads I’m missing, drop us a line with our handy contact form.


Persephone Elder Goddess, Stevie Nicks, would like to write music for GoT. I would also like this. I have $12.82, I am willing to make it rain for whichever HBO exec can make this so. (via Hollywood Reporter)

An interview with Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy, who I referred to consistently in the third season as “that poor bastard.” The interview, via IGN, contains spoilers for season three, so no peeking if you’re not that far along yet. (Video at link.)

President Obama wants advance copies of Game of Thrones and True Detective. I’m sorry, Mr. President, I hold you in the highest regard, and say this with nothing but respect, but you have to wait just like the rest of us to find out if that shitweasel Joffery gets any comeuppance, Poodle-in-Chief. It’s only fair, because democracy. (via The Wrap)

And, of course, this:

By the old gods and the new, that is an effective use of a cover of another Persephone Elder Goddess, Siouxsie Sioux’s “Cities in Dust.”

The GoT Exhibition is coming to eight cities worldwide, and it looks pretty cool.

The Pretties

A London street became The Wall. (via Entertainment Weekly)

HBO painted The Wall from Game of Thrones on a London street.
Image Credit: Joe Pepler/REX for HBO

You may have seen these circling Tumblr and all the geeky lady media last week. DjeDjehuti on Deviantart created a fantabulous collection of Disney Princesses as the women of Westeros. My favorite is Mulan as Brienne of Tarth. (via The Mary Sue)

Mulan as Game of Thrones' Brienne of Tarth, art by DjeDjehuti
Image credit: DjeDjehuti on Deviantart

The Mary Sue just got back from Toy Fair, a magical annual wonderland we’ll never get a press pass to, and they came back with a gallery of wonderful things. Cersei and Jamie, below, are only the tip of the GoT iceberg, alongside toys from all of your favorite places. Give yourself ten minutes to drool and start scribbling out your wishlist before you click.

Cersei and Jamie Lannister figures from Toy Fair 2014
Image credit: Melissa Kay for, from Toy Fair 2014

Etsy artist brucelovesyou has created a set of GoT posters in the style of wartime propaganda artwork. The Arya Stark “Stick them with the pointy end!” print is adorable, but “The Nights Watch,” below, gives me the chills.

Black and white print of GoT character Jon Snow, by Etsy artist brucelovesyou
Artist: brucelovesyou, on

Mashable has exclusive close-up photos of the 4D Westeros puzzle that was released for the 2013 holiday season. There’s also a video. This would look awesome on a big, Stannis-esque war table, building it with your faithful direwolf, direchihuahua, or direkitteh, as the case may be.

Pinner Mike Manna shared this delightful cake with Pinterest.

Cake decorated to look like the dragon eggs in Game of Thrones
image credit Mike Manna

The Tumblrs

Following these two Tumblrs will keep your dash in lovely gifs, screenshots, quotes, and other pretties related to GOT. Tumblr of Thrones and You Win or You Die.


Has Jon Snow been John Carter’d? Discuss!

Fanfics of Note

Enjoy the Silence, by Miss_M on Archive of Our Own. Jamie, Brienne, sex, and Depeche Mode. Oh yeah.

Masks, by AlbaAdler, on Archive of Our Own. More Jamie + Brienne, sitting in a tree, etc.

And finally, a chill runs through it, a lady-centric Sansa + Margaery fic to warm you up.

Catch Up with Recaps and More

Our own QoB’s recaps and real-life GoT essays are, of course, a must-read.

A/V Club can write a fine recap, as well.

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