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Grad School: A Tale in Gifs

The beginning of every semester can be a little rough. You’re used to sleeping in and not wearing pants or a bra and then suddenly you have assignments and readings and long commutes. Let’s work out those feelings, gif-style.

At the beginning of the semester you jump in with a renewed energy, telling yourself that this time around you’ll be the most responsible student that has ever lived.

A black and white animated gif captioned "time to get shit done."

Then the alarm wakes you up at 7:00 on your first day back.

An animated gif of a yawning kitten.

And your professors jump right in with 300 pages of reading, article reviews, and paper topic selection.

A gif from Anchorman captioned "boy, that escalated quickly."

Which means you stay in to read on the weekend.

A gif from The Big Bang Theory captioned "I wonder what the non-pathetic people are doing tonight."

But you keep making up reasons to take breaks.

A gif of Conan O'Brien captioned "time to eat the sandwich."

Then you realize what you really need to get through it.

A gif of Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock pouring scotch into a glass.

And that totally helps your academic juices flow.

A gif from Parks & Recreation captioned "thank you alcohol."

And you finish your work.

A gif of Jon Stewart air-drumming.

No, wait…there’s more to do. There’s always more.

A gif from Saturday Night Live.

Which means you kind of hate everything.

A gif of an angry Ronald McDonald.

But despite the excessive work…

A gif of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.

…and utter lack of social interaction

A gif of Liz Lemon captioned "another successful interaction with a man."

…and difficult professors

A gif from In Living Color captioned "hated it."

…and sky-high expectations

A gif of Matt Smith saying "fuck's sake."

…you can’t imagine NOT doing this.

A gif of David Tennant saying "because I'm clever."

By [E] Liza

PhD student. Knitter. Brooklynite. Long-distance dog mom. Reluctant cat lady. Majestic unicorn whose hair changes color with the wind.

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