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Lunchtime Poll: Best Awkward Situation You’ve Been In

To say that I’ve had my share of awkward moments is an understatement.

Britney Spears looking a little awkward.
Awkward Britney face. (Source: Giphy)

The awkward situations I’d get myself into used to eat me alive with anxiety and worry afterwards. What are people going to think of me? Why did I say/do that?! But now I’ve learned to roll with the punches and not get stuck with the unnecessary stress of coping with an awkward event.

My most awkward account? When I first started dating my partner, and we got to the stage of staying over night at each other’s places, I made the mistake of staying in my underwear the morning after when we stayed over night at his mom’s house. He left early that morning to go check on his mom at work at their donut shop and of course, the most awkward thing that could ever happen, happened. His grandma came in to his room to check up on him, and there I lay, in my bra and panties, blankets off. She doesn’t speak a lot of English and really, there were no words necessary at that point. She took one look at me, and ever so slowly walked out of the room, one foot after the other, backwards, her eyes burning through my skin.

It was horrible.

What’s your most memorable awkward situation you’ve been in? How did you survive it?

By Luann

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I’m sure I’ve got loads but the one that springs to mind is kind of similar to yours, Luann. I’d only just started dating my current boyfriend (it was our second date I think?) when I got stranded in the city (it was snowy and icy and the night buses decided to just not run with no notice or anything). So he said I could stay at his but he lived with his parents and I hadn’t met them.

We got back late, went to bed and in the morning someone opened his bedroom door to wake him up for breakfast. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep and they stopped mid sentence and went out again. To this day I don’t know who it was! I could hear frantic whispering outside the door. Then when we did get up I had to get introduced to everybody in a super awkward ‘sorry I’m in your house’ kind of way. I guess it’s not the worst thing that could have happened but I had been single for a long time and I was pretty terrified of negotiating a new relationship so everything was magnified. What made it super cringey in my own head was that my inner monologue was shouting ‘Everyone thinks we had sex, and we didn’t!’ the whole time. Logically there was no reason that should have bothered me but it just…. did. I got over it eventually and now I wander round his parents’ house in my PJs :)

I think I have an extremely well-working suppressing system, because I can barely think of any. Although asking a mother with her new-born child if she was serious with that name probably one.

Having a ten minute laugh/choke attack in Biology could be another.

Making a deep ~metaphorical~ story about doubts about a relationship and immediately afterwards hear from your boyfriend because he saw right through it could be something.

Yeah, I forget about them really well.

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