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Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Movie To Watch When You’re Stoned

Half Baked, Super Troopers, Pineapple Express… these are movies I think of when I am in the mood to watch a movie and perhaps be stoned or am with people that are smoking. I smoked often during the last few years of my undergraduate, mostly recreationally. It was easy to obtain where I lived, since I knew a handful of sellers and growers. Now living in Portland, it’s a rare occasion when I smoke, which some people find odd because we’re known to have some really good weed out here. Actually, the last time I smoked was last year when a friend from the east coast came to stay with me for a weekend. She had medicinal weed, so you can imagine how strong her stuff was. I was back in California over the weekend celebrating Lunar New Year with my partner’s family, and despite the fact that dinner with my family only lasted a few hours, I needed a way to decompress. So hence, my question: What movie or show do you like to watch when you’re stoned? And even better, when it’s the kind of stoned when you can’t move, so you know you’re going to sit through the entire duration of the movie. Pineapple Express is one of my favorites because Seth Rogen is just hilarious. I also like the movie SuperBad with Michael Cera and Jonah Hill, which isn’t about getting high but that duo in particular is absolutely perfect. For pure visuals, I recently watched Samsara, which tripped me out but also kept my attention the entire time because of the beautiful cinematography.

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I don’t really smoke very often anymore, but the best high movie experience ever happened while watching Death to Smoochy. I don’t know what the magic was, but that was seriously the funniest movie ever. We kept rewinding and re-watching parts over and over and laughing our asses off.

Can’t By Me Love, which I had seen many, many times before, totally destroyed me when I watched it on mushrooms. Cried my damn eyes out.

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