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Lunchtime Poll: What Are You Reading?

What’s everyone reading right now?

I’ve been tearing through a bunch of historical romances so far this year, plus a couple YA novels and a crochet book or two. Right now, I’m working on Proof by Seduction by Courtney Milan.

By [E] Hillary

Hillary is a giant nerd and former Mathlete. She once read large swaths of "Why Evolution is True" and a geology book aloud to her infant daughter, in the hopes of a) instilling a love of science in her from a very young age and b) boring her to sleep. After escaping the wilds of Waco, Texas and spending the next decade in NYC, she currently lives in upstate New York, where she misses being able to get decent pizza and Chinese takeout delivered to her house. She lost on Jeopardy.

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I’m currently reading Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. I have had it sitting on my bedside table for weeks and it’s the first book I’ll complete this year. It’s a bit sad really.. the book and my situation :P

I have read the book before and really like it but just couldn’t get myself interested this time around.

I’m on The Magician’s Apprentice by Trudi Canavan. I was on vacation about a week or so ago and read through several books– Joshilyn Jackson’s Someone Else’s Love Story (totally recommend it) and plowed through the first two books in the Witches of East End series by Melissa De La Cruz. I needed a book for the journey home so I stopped in the airport bookstore (cue ominous music). I saw a paperback of Canavan’s 3 installment of a trilogy that seemed interesting… but I’m a pain. I have to read things in order. So I opted for a Jodi Picoult paperback, The Tenth Circle (haven’t digested it yet to recommend– some beautiful passages though.. and serious TW for victim blaming) and decide to pick up Canavan in the library to see if I like the series enough to buy them.

Slogging through “The Book of Madness and Cures,” because every time I throw my hands up and decide I’m not going to read it anymore, something actually interesting happens. Hopefully I finish it soon.

My mom is reading “The Goldfinch” right now and totally, totally absorbed (and has been for a few days now) so I think I may turn to that one next!

I just finished reading the Circle Opens series by Tamora Pierce. It didn’t take long because they are for children but I’m trying to catch up on her more recent work, she was my favourite author as a child.

Next in my quite large ‘to read’ pile is Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre. I’m interested in the topic but he goes quite heavy on the stats so I might need to intersperse it with something lighter. Maybe more YA. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of books I’m supposed to be too grown up for :)

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