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In honor of the big sporting event that took place last night in the States, I’ll devote some stories to sports, but I’ll take care of other news, too (and hopefully give some levity from some depressing news).


Though it started out as a peaceful day, election day has turned fairly tense as anti-government protesters have forced polls to close in Bangkok and increasing fears that this will push Thailand deeper into political turmoil.


Conservationists in Pakistan has asked UNESCO to halt  the opening ceremony of the Sindh cultural festival that could damage the ruins of Mohenjo Daro, considered the world’s oldest surviving city. It dates back to the pre-Hindu Valley civilization.

According to various sources, hundreds of thousands of Afghans have fled their home country to settle in Pakistan, making it the home of the largest number of refugees in the world. There is an entire generation of Afghan children who have been born and raised in Pakistan. AP photographer Muhammed Muheisen has photographed some of these children here.


The country’s national security advisor is optimistic that Karzai will sign the Bilateral Security Agreement with the US.


An environmental group denies various media reports that stated New Delhi’s pollution was worse than Beijing’s. The story later says that the air quality in both countries is pretty terrible.


At least 14 people were killed, many of them students, due to to pyroclastic clouds emitted by Mount Sinabung in Karo regency, North Sumatra.

North Korea

The country is likely to experience a grain shortage this year and the nation’s chronic food shortage is expected to continue.


An American journalist who has worked in China for six years has been ejected from the country after he was hired by the New York Times and then refused a visa. The move is seen as China’s way of putting pressure on foreign journalists.


Australia beat England in cricket!

India beats Taiwan and Japan advances to the quarter-finals in the Davis Cup.

US won 2-0 in a friendly win over South Korea.

Finally, in a “You go!” Japanese figure skating star Daisuke Takahashi vows he will rebound in Sochi and claim a men’s figure skating medal. The Japanese men’s figure skating team is expected to do extremely well in the Olympics.



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