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News in Europe: Kiev’s Burning

Greetings, citizens! Europe’s various power struggles continue this week, with deaths in Ukraine, German-Swiss discussions in Berlin and confusion over the future of Scotland. Let’s get right to it.

The situation in Kiev, Ukraine escalated on Tuesday night, when government forces stormed the protester’s camp. 25 people died, and more than 200 were injured. Anti-government protesters have been gathering in Kiev’s Independence Square for three months, after President Yanukovych abandoned talks with the EU in favour of closer links to Russia. After the latest developments, the EU is considering sanctions, while both Yanukovych and Russia are putting the blame squarely on the protesters. Here’s some further reading on Ukraine’s situation.

Where is the next riot going to start? This comment piece is terrifying. I love the idea of Europe more than I love my country of birth, and all this makes me incredibly sad.

Ahead of Scotland’s September referendum on becoming a sovereign state, there is discordance about the future of Scotland’s links to both the UK and the EU. Can they really have it all?

Meanwhile in Berlin, the heads of state of Switzerland and Germany met to discuss their country’s relationship after Switzerland’s anti-immigration referendum. Germans are the largest immigrant group in the country, and Swiss-German relations are worth millions each year. Hence the polite, non-committal talks.

German politics are embroiled in a child-porn scandal after a high-ranking politician was accused of possession of indecent material on his computer. The Minister of Agriculture left his post after it turned out he had informed both his own and the party of the accused of such allegations before the police were informed. All very, very yucky and worth a proper, lawful investigation.

Italy has got a new prime minister, and it seems his looks are important. AND HE’S NOT EVEN A WOMAN!

Look who’s back: The IRA, apparently.

Belgium is about to legalize euthanasia for anyone, regardless of age. With a difficult subject like this, expect debates and plenty of commentary in all the media.

In the UK, the weather misery is far from over. After the worst storm has passed, sinkholes are opening up left, right and centre. I just renewed my home insurance. I hope it covers this.

And finally, something pretty to look at: The UK’s loneliest bus stops. You’re welcome. Until next week!

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