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News in Europe: Quo Vadis, Ukraine?

Greetings, citizens! It’s a new week, where old problems turn into new ones. If you stay with me for the bad, the sobering and the slightly hopeful news, I will give you the world’s best political photograph as a treat.

After Ukraine’s protesters have kicked the president out of parliament (and his home)¬†and called for a trial in The Hague, the real struggle lies ahead. The country is in debt; the Crimea area, home to a Russian majority, wants nothing to do with the pro-European protesters, and Russia is counting its troops. It’s a modern history lesson, complete with live stream and news feed.

Speaking of secessions: with ongoing discussions and plans for Scottish independence, other regions are making plans, too. In the Basque Country, the terrorist organisation ETA seems to want to finally dissolve itself. This will no doubt speed up talks for independence.

In the UK, the killers of Lee Rigby have been sentenced. The killing took place last spring and has lost none of its horror in the numerous retellings. I advise you not to Google it.

Also in the UK, a senior minister is forced to defend herself over claims of involvement with a pedophile group. There are three things to consider here: a) an election is coming up, b) the exact same thing happened in Germany last year, just before an election, and c) the claims come from the Daily Mail. (Also, while I’m trying my hardest not to turn this into a joke, how dare those people sully the good name of pie?)

In EU politics, fringe parties are celebrating the end of the 3-percent threshold for European Parliament elections. While this is perfectly laudable from a democratic standpoint, trying to get anything done in the European Parliament is going to be an even greater challenge after this.

And now, THIS. Political cartoonists, eat your heart out.

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