Pupdate: February 21, 2014

Alright guys, this week is going to be the week of truth. Asher┬áis meeting his prospective new mom on Sunday! Unless things go horribly wrong with her dog, he’s being adopted by the sister of a close friend. I have an appointment Saturday morning with his future aunt to take him shopping for some extra winter gear as an adoption present, and Sunday he’ll be meeting his new family. We’ve got lots of play dates and time scheduled for him to spend with them before they hopefully take him to his new home Wednesday morning. Everyone think adopted thoughts for Asher, because this home is great. He’s already got a vet appointment scheduled and his new mom is going to spoil him rotten. She’s already agreed to send some updates for the magazine, too. He won’t be a weekly fixture anymore, but we’ll still get to see how things are going for him until he’s all well.

Asher laying in the yard with his eyes closed.
Bright SUN!
A fluffy dog sleeping on a couch
This is Twig, Asher’s new brother.
A black cat.
And Asher’s new boss, Pantha.


By Laura-C

Hopes to someday train her dogs not to be douchebags.

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His feet are so sensitive right now that we’ve opted to just wait until they’re neutered to have them cut. They’ve been trimmed a bit but the quicks are too long so he’d need constant trimming to make them move back up the nail and with his feet that’s just not a good option.

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