Pupdate: February 8, 2014

Asher¬†is starting to grow fur! He’s been scratching himself up a good bit because it’s itchy where it regrows, but hair is slowly starting to fill in all those bald spots. He’s also made his first¬†moves to get up on our furniture with the other dogs after over 5 months with us. His new mom has confirmed that he’ll be allowed on her furniture, so thankfully I don’t need to make him stop. Until this week, I was pretty sure she was going to have to take him to a specialist to get him all fixed up, but with all the new hair I’m suddenly seeing, I think he’s going to do fine on the restricted ingredient diet. It’s taken a long time to get all of those irritating proteins out of his system, but I’m so relieved it’s finally starting to work.

Two dogs on a futon
Hanging out on the futon with Bramble and following the sun spots around the house.
Fur regrowth on a dog flank.
This was previously almost bald and really icky. Look at all that fur!

By Laura-C

Hopes to someday train her dogs not to be douchebags.

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I feel really bad not giving him treats and all the stuff our dogs get, but we’ve worked out how to mostly hide it from him.
I did switch our dogs to an OTC Fish and Sweet Potato food while we have Asher just in case he gets a few pieces, and since we have had a few food incidents, I’m glad I did.

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