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I checked a record off my collecting bucket list this last week.  The record, Moon Colony Bloodbath by The Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice, had become an all consuming obsession ever since I heard John play a song at a Mountain Goats solo show.  Thanks to Uncle Sam, I was able to afford to buy it. 

I have spent a bit on records before. This was the second or third most I ever spent on one record. I have a near mint, only played three times first UK pressing of the Clash’s debut album and a first UK pressing of the White Album that are my most pricey buys. I covet lots of records. I try to buy when I can. Some I want for the collecting and showing off, some I just want because they are great albums. OK so its all about the collecting regardless. I present to you my vinyl bucket list.

First, a song off of Moon Colony Bloodbath. I actually ended up with a green vinyl copy, which only 200 are in existence.

Moon Colony Bloodbath by the Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice
My shiny new toy

1. Attila by Attila

I am guessing everyone is scratching their head. Well, this is considered one of the worst albums of all time by rock critics. Why would I want to own it? Because of that distinction. Also, Billy Joel, Heavy Metal musician. Oh yeah, this is what he did before the Piano Man came. It was him and a drummer doing organ driven heavy metal.

2. Wiliam, It Was Really Nothing by the Smiths

I want the 12″ version because it contains my three favorite Smiths songs. The B-sides are “How Soon is Now?” and “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want.” It is decently easy to come by in Europe but haven’t tried looking for it too much in the States yet.

3. Clarity by Jimmy Eat World

My favorite Jimmy Eat World record and probably top 10 best 90’s albums. This record is really hard to come by because all of us early 2000’s indie/emo kids adore this record.

4. Souvlaki by Slowdive

My favorite shoegaze album. It helps they have a very awesomely named song ;).

5. Things Fall Apart by the Roots

I have the reissue of the album from a few years back. I want the first pressing of this album. It is my favorite hip hop album of all time.

This is a start anyway. I have so many albums I want. Metal Machine Music probably makes the list as well. Everyone collects things. Is there any records y’all really want more than anything? I know Sara H will definitely chime in with something Oasis related.

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