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The Hidden Podcasts

I am a sucker for podcasts. I think they might be the only way radio talk shows survive in the apocalyptic wasteland that is sure to come. Having any subject at the click of a mouse makes it so much easier than trying to surf a radio until you find the angry blowhard you want to listen to.

Everyone knows about the famous ones like “WTF” with Marc Maron or “How Did This Get Made?” I love looking for the gems of the podcast files. I imagine going through crates of records until you find a really random one that is the best thing ever. Here is a list of 5 I absolutely love.

  1. Star Wars Minute: This might be the greatest podcast no one listens to. Pete the Retailer and Alex Robinson, usually with a guest host, discuss a single minute of Star Wars each episode. They are now on The Empire Strikes Back. If you love Star Wars, do yourself a favor and start getting sucked into all the episodes. Bonus: The two parter about the Holiday Special.
  2. Topics: Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, two-thirds of Stella, host this podcast. I admit more people probably know about this one. I just recently discovered it. I am shocked because I follow a lot of MIB’s career and I didn’t know about this podcast. They discuss topics of great importance to people, like time travel and the existence of a higher power. The podcast is funny and thought provoking.
  3. Yo, Is This Racist?: My favorite tumblr is my favorite podcast. Andrew Ti and whatever guest he has on answers a question about if something is racist or not. Spoiler alert: It usually is. The hilarity of the people asking the questions tends to be the best part of the podcast.
  4. RISK!: Kevin Allison of The State fame hosts this storytelling podcast. It started as a live show and has continued on as both a live show and this podcast. RISK! features people telling true stories they never thought they would share in public. Allison usually features one or two well known people plus others who have interesting tales to tell. I am sad that I missed the live taping in Seattle two weeks ago.
  5. The Station Agents: Pajiba and Uproxx editors Dustin Rowles and Josh Kurp, plus former Pajiban and now Vanity Fair writer Joanna Robinson recap each week in TV. It is my go-to TV podcast, though I don’t necessarily watch every show they count down. The show is done in a power rankings style. I love lists, if you can’t tell. So a podcast with lists is the best!

I am always on the look out for more podcasts. Unicorns, tell me about your favorites!

By Alyson

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Podcasts are the best!

I, too, am a Dinner Party Download fan. I also do Stuff You Missed In History Class, Sex Nerd Sandra, Ideas from CBC radio, All Songs Considered, and occasionally Fresh Air.

I need to look in to the History Chicks one, though!

I love podcasts too! My favorites are:

Common Sense with Dan Carlin – a podcast about US politics from a very independent viewpoint (don’t read libertarian into “independent” – Dan just has a unique way of looking at our system)

The History Chicks – two women talk about an awesome woman in history for an hour. It’s in biographical format and the hosts are great.

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