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This Open Thread Wants to Remember the Good

There is oftentimes nothing worse than a life cut short, especially when it is something as horrible as addiction.

Even more horrible, the naysayers and know-nothing, know it-alls that come out of the woodwork and are quite at ease making vastly un-empathetic comments on something they probably have never dealt with.

However, in all the sadness, sometimes you need to grab onto that little thing that reminds you how fantastic someone was. How light-hearted and wonderful. Which brings me to Flawless, one of my own favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman films, about a drag queen who teaches a homophobic cop how to speak after said cop has a stroke.

It certainly isn’t Oscar material and some may even be dismayed by a straight man playing a drag queen. But it’s a lovely film that reminds us about what is actually important and how drag queens are probably heaven sent.

That’s my favorite, and certainly a way to remember the good. Let me know what your favorite is, down in the comments below.


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