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This Weekend Open Thread is Freaking the $%^# Out

I have a very big week coming up.

Two awesome things:

  1. I submitted a paper to a conference and it was accepted.
  2. The aforementioned conference is in Madrid.

To the world around me, I appear like this:

A gif of Justin Timberlake trying to keep his cool.

But internally, I’m more like:

A gif from Doctor Who of the Eleventh Doctor acting really excited.

A gif of a muppet freaking out.

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Yes. Think of it this way: Qualifications is what you KNOW, Experience is what you’ve DONE. And let me tell you, from my endless resume screening, experience is probably more important. Lots of people are qualified for a job, but very few have relevant experience. (Or even irrelevant experience that shows you can manage a project, handle stress, have people skills etc.)

I would say that’s what a cover letter is for. I hate clutter on resumes. If I have to look for pertinent info on your resume, I’m probably going to miss it because I’m going to be overwhelmed. And also, I’m SO not going to care. (I wish this wasn’t the truth. But it is. And I am not alone.) I really think resumes are for saying what exactly you have done, and then you expand on them in a personal way in a cover letter. (This is all assuming you are doing a resume/cover letter kind of thing.)

Hola guap@, dos cervezas por favor :) all you need…
(I kid, I kid. I hear great things about Madrid, well done you!)

This week has been excellent – I got my first ever pullups (!) and now I can do THREE (!!), I got a promotion, and just general yay-ness over here.

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