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This Weekend Open Thread is Sick of Snow Days

God, high school me cannot believe I just said that.

Out of the three weeks my semester has been back in session, each of my classes has only met once (to be fair, one didn’t meet because of MLK Day, but still). As much as I appreciate the money I’m saving on Long Island Railroad fare, this is getting old.

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It’s cold for central NC. And we might get snowy nonsense later this week. SIGH.

In other news, I used part of my tax refund on two sets of new bed sheets (so soooooooooft), skivvies, and BRAS THAT FIT. Sure, they’re Brunhilde’s Body Armor style and not sexy-type bras, but THEY FIT. Even if the woman in that part of the store measured me, initially, as a D cup. I don’t have THAT much boob. (And I went to Macys, which meant I dealt with Saturday Maul Crowds, but it’s better than Vicky’s, and they actually have more bras in the “function” category. Like, 12+ hours of wearing this damn thing function.)

I also bought a copy of Persepolis at B&N, which breaks my “stick with used bookstores” rule, BUT it’s not a book that tends to be sold in the local used bookstores. AND received a swap package that included Octavia Butler’s “Fledgling” and Nnedi Okorafor’s “Who Fears Death”. (And some yarn that the sender dyed with plants from her garden.)

And today I will be lazy.

My phone claimed it was -2 this morning when we had to take Lexie to soccer, though it might have been lying since it didn’t feel that awful. But the high was 27, so it still wasn’t great. We might get more snow tomorrow night. Blah.

And the kiddo lost her first tooth tonight! She was so excited, and wants the Tooth Fairy to bring her a chocolate coin. She’s worried that her pre-k friends won’t think she’s cool, though, since one of the slightly older girls already lost a tooth. Poor thing.

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