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This Weekend Open Thread Really Needs to Clean

My place is kind of a disaster.

Know what happens when all three people living in an apartment are on an academic schedule? The place is pretty clean during breaks and a mess of epic proportions during the semester.


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The big problems here: dishes and taking out trash/recycling. It’s been so frakking COLD that I had no interest in going outside if I didn’t have to, And I tend to soak my crock pot before washing it…And sometimes it takes a few days to wash.

I’ll get it done tomorrow. I’m tired now. My social thing this morning went on a bit longer than I’d anticipated (a brunch that was AWESOME and an adorable kitty who decided we were friends), so it took a bit longer to get to Target, and THEN the bus from Target got to the bus station just after the bus to my neighborhood left. So I waited nearly an hour. Feh.

BUT, home and in pjs and ready to snuggle in.

We have to do massive cleaning this week as we have family in town for my sister’s baby shower. I did some today, but there is more to be done. I’m currently laying in bed, reading fan fic and contemplating what to watch on TV. I’ll clean tomorrow after a lie-in.

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