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This Week’s TV Will Keep Winter’s Last Grips at Bay

Today starts what might be the most captivating week of television since last April. Season premieres on cable and returning network favorites dot the week with a delightful assortment of scripted entertainment. 

Tonight, Monday February 24

The Blacklist (NBC, 10 p.m.) – James Spader and his practical, bobbed, middle-aged handler are the only parts of this show worth watching, aside from a string of recognizable guest stars and pop songs. I know it’s no True Detective, or House of Cards, or Scandal, even, but I enjoy it every week. Because Spader.

James Spader in The Blacklist "This is gonna be a gas"

Tuesday, February 25

Brooklyn 99 (Fox, 9:30 p.m.) – If an aversion to Andy Sandburg is keeping you from tuning in, get over it, because Terry Crews is the best thing to ever happen to network sitcoms.

Terry Crews from Brooklyn 99 gif reads "I'm a grown man with man hands and a man brain. I should be able to put together a dollhouse in less than four hours!" Terry Crews in Brooklyn 99 gif reads "And there's wheels. WHAT KIND OF CASTLE HAS WHEELS." Terry Crews in Brooklyn 99 gif reads "This screw has three pointy sides AND NO WAY TO SCREW IT IN!"

In short. Arms. Arms arms arms; arms arms.

Wednesday, February 26

The Americans (FX, 10 p.m.) – This is the season two premiere. When we left our protagonist comrades, they were in serious trouble. We can assume that trend will continue, alongside the awesome Reagan-era ’80s sets and with a soundtrack the producers of The Blacklist should pay more attention to.

Gif of The Americans TV series from FX
“Do you think they know we’re communists?”

Thursday, February 27

Scandal (ABC, 10 p.m.) – Olivia Pope, Abby’s smokey kohl eyeliner, Huck’s boundary issues, and David Rosen’s cereal bowls are back. I’m hoping we see the return of Olivia Motherfucking Pope, Hellbent for Justice, Drunk on Wine Bowls and Power. Vulnerable, directionless Liv was a nice peek into her inner workings, but I’m ready to see her get back in the fight. Zahra will be covering the first recap, and Cate is working on an analysis of the show we’re not going to want to miss.

Kerry Washington as Olivia Motherfucking Pope, in a great coat.

Friday, February 28

Hannibal (NBC, 10 p.m.)- It’s time to polish the good silver, because we’ve been invited to dinner at our favorite serial killer’s ridiculous apartment. Bryan Fuller has always been able to take me on any journey he wants to take, so I welcome the conflicted emotions I feel while watching this show like a warm spring breeze.

Will Graham, primetime's chump, in a gif from Hannibal which reads "Scared + Aroused"

Whenever You Want

House of Cards (Netflix Instant) – Season two is a slick second act in what is shaping up to be a textbook Greek tragedy. Sure, the Shakespearean Richard III/Lady MacBeth comparisons are apt, but I think HoC is going to be resolved in three acts, rather than five. What’s most surprising about this show, within the structure of a Greek drama, is that Frank Underwood’s antagonist isn’t one of his powerful political adversaries, it’s his wife. Claire Underwood may be a debatable feminist icon, but she is by far one of the most fascinating female characters on the small screen. She’s as cold, driven, and ruthless as any male anti-hero, and could likely make a Don Draper or a Walter White beg for mercy. Like her husband, she’s driven by a pivotal moment in her distant past that set her course. Claire and Frank chose to clear their respective paths with fire, but if I were to bet on one of them remaining standing at the end, escaping the rapid, catastrophic demise required for the necessary catharsis in a Greek tragedy, it’s going to be Claire. Political junkies, theater majors, and those who appreciate really spectacular fashion can all find plenty to love about House of Cards.

Claire Underwood in House of Cards gif reads "Am I really the sort of enemy you'd want to make?"

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