Three Easy and Cheap Ways to Accessorize Your Favorite Jeans and T-Shirt

If I could spend my entire life in sweatpants, a tank top, a hoodie, and slippers, I would. Unfortunately, since I have to leave the house and look presentable every day, that isn’t an option. I can do the next best thing, though, which is fancy up the most basic basics into quite cute little outfits.

I know some people hate jeans (like people who don’t drink coffee, I don’t get it, but I support your choice), and there will be further posts that address other areas of style coming up. For those of you who do enjoy the denim, come with me on a little jaunt to look put together without breaking the bank or being uncomfortable all day. Everything is right around $50, and most are much cheaper than that. Also, these are just to give you ideas, and Polyvore is the easiest way to do so. Please know that I would never pay $35 for a white v-neck because I am a slob and spill things much too often to start doing that shit. Hanes men’s v-neck tees get the job done just fine.

Casual Workplace/Casual Friday

I can wear jeans everyday at my new job, which is one of the many, many perks. Even though it is a very casual office where hoodies and tees are commonplace, I always try to dress things up a bit.

Polyvore set with a white v-neck tee, dark blue jeans, beige cardigan, brown booties, teal scarf, gold spike necklace and gold stud earrings
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Starting with a white v-neck tee and dark denim boot-cut jean, here is a quick, simple step up from college sweatshirt and sneakers to a pulled together professional. That cardigan comes in five colors from Modcloth, and it is one of my favorite items of clothing. I have it in green and wear it all the time. It has the comfort of a sweatshirt while also being stylish and visually interesting. I am a big fan of bolder jewelry and bright pops of color (please forgive me is I am starting to sound like What Not To Wear, but come on, they did have some  excellent tips), which help dress things up without going overboard.

Brunch/Weekend Wear

Again, I understand the appeal of clothes that can double as pajamas. Putting a bra on during the weekend makes me super pissy. On the other hand, I enjoy being adorable, too, so sacrifices must sometimes be made. When I have to be presentable on a Saturday or Sunday, this is what I do.

polyvore set with dark denim jeans, white v-neck tee, navy and white striped zip up hoodie, black converse, gold small round earrings, ball chain necklace with two circles
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Some feel as though one should grow out of hoodies at some point. I disagree wholeheartedly, and think those people should shut it. But, there is a big difference between a pullover sweatshirt from a senior trip to Disneyland that has mysterious stains in questionable spots and the above adorableness. Stripes make me feel like I could be sailing along the San Francisco bay, wind rushing through my hair, footloose and fancy free, as opposed to the reality where I would be vomiting over the back of the boat because I get seasick as all shit.

Also, you will pry my Chuck Taylor’s out of my cold, dead hands. Converse FOREVAH! Even though they are horrible for your feet! Don’t care!

When You Are Feeling Like A Badass

Sometimes you just need to tog up and let out your inner rock star. I find that I feel my most hardcore when the clothing is simple and the accessories kick ass.

polyvore set with white v-neck tee, black skinny jeans, black pointy toed flats, black multi-buckle heels, silver stacked bracelet, silver ring, silver mulit-strand necklace and black open front draped jacket
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I have heard many arguments against skinny jeans from many different people, and the only thing I can say is “give them a chance.” I love skinny jeans with all manner of outfits. Skinny jeans can be rocked by various body types, I promise. My little sister is a 2x and she has the best damn style and wears skinnies almost exclusively. That doesn’t mean they are for everyone, but don’t dismiss them out of hand because of some bullshit preconceived idea about their appropriateness for different shapes and sizes. You are fabulous and can wear whatever the fuck you want.

What are your go-to pieces for taking basic outfits a little higher? Are there any particular style issues you would like to see addressed in the future here on P-mag?

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I’m a knitter and I make jewelry, so scarves (and shawls) and necklaces are my go-to accessories. I have one that I wore to my temp job that was washable fleece (like, the kind you can get cheap blankets in), mostly because of the increased chance of dirt getting on it. Fancy wool and wool blends (and bamboo) aren’t options when there’s a high chance of dirt.

I need a job I can accessorize for again. Or grad school. I’ll totally accessorize for grad school.

Oh gosh, I love this! I miss accessorising thanks to little hands that are eager to pull/chew anything I have on, so it’s been buh-bye necklaces for some time now. I have though discovered that pretty alice bands and hair bands are an awesome accesory (even in a back carry, Little Juniper can’t reach them!). But oh, how I miss my lovely scarves! I only have a couple I can wear now, because they don’t have beads sequins on them, and I know they’re safe for LJ to chew!

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