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So, after fighting with my new computer hardware I got to finish watching my anime and write this. Tokyo Raven was mostly a “setup” episode for what is to come, as was Buddy Complex. Nobunagun was all guns and Samurai Flamenco was full of surprises. Hamatora was another cases that didn’t really advance the plot as much as show Moral was super crazy.

Tokyo Raven ep 13

Kagami is using a familiar the bureau forbade him from using (Shaver). Kagami wants to know all about Ootomo and D’s fight, so Harutora ended up having to retell him.

At the same time, the “syndicate” purge is happening in town. Looks like Amani was aware that Hirata was a spy. That was a cool fight. First Amani is super awesome with powerspeak, but Hirata got undead familiars — overpowered undead familiars called Imperial Pallbearers.

We also learn a few interesting things: Hirata isn’t exactly a “spy,” he actually hates what the Twin-Horned syndicate has become. He also said that Yakou’s followers split into two groups: the Twin-horned syndicate and the Shaman School. The school inherited the will to train new shamans. Hirata doesn’t tell us the other will of Yakou that the Syndicate is trying to fulfill.

The biggest surprise of this episode is that the new character we met last week (Takiko Souma) was Hirata from the start.

Samurai Flamenco ep 13

So Beyond Flamenco isn’t Hazama’s brother, genetically. They just look alike, sort of; Beyond has a reptile tail. He also thinks the whole thing of fighting is stupid. That was almost like if you have the a “viewer” saying that plot was ridiculous and made no sense (which it doesn’t).

Everyone is crazy!
Everyone is crazy!

Then you had the Prime Minister of Japan who is pissed off because Kaname and the Flamengers aren’t following his lead. Well actually, all the heroes. The Flamengers saved the day, From Beyond is gone… and that was just the first half of the episode.

The second half is crazier and after the “Kamen Raider” tropes and the “Sentai” tropes.. .we are going to follow the American Hero tropes. We get to meet Mister Justice (he has a star on his butt!) who is there to tell the truth to Hazama. Mister Justice has a BIG truck with the USA flag on it and he sings the U.S. anthems too. He favorite attack is a tackle, he also has a home run trick.

That’s just awesome!

It also looks like the Prime Minister of Japan is evil. In fact, he was in control of From Beyond from the start to increase the cabinet approval rating. Funny enough,  that the sort of conspiracy theory Americans love. They arrested all the heroes in Japan, but of course Goto doesn’t believe it, so I guess Goto and the Samurai Girls are going to make a comeback soon. Hazama is going to need all the help he can get.

Buddy Complex ep 4

Aoba so deserved that punch in the face. He’s still a freaking idiot though. Hina here, Hina there. Don’t you understand that you are in the future and there is a war, dude?

Hina was dumped in the brig because Aoba called her by her name. Poor girl, having to endure that because of the idiot.  Hmm, there is no data about Aoba’s sisters. Maybe his family was “kidnapped” after he was attacked by giant mecha? His entire neighborhood was bought by the army and razed to the ground.

Interesting information that wasn’t used in this episode, the vice-captain of the Cyngus is a professional sniper and Dio is from the most well-known family of the alliance.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 4

The Magician

That was a fancy betrothal ceremony, based mostly on western stuff and things, like holograms, flying models, etc.

Jeanne doesn’t seem to get along with Himiko that much. That was expected. Oh and both Himiko and Ichihime (Nabu’s sister) knows that Jeanne is a girl now. But she will keep looking like a guy for a long time still.

Looks like Jeanne’s precog powers made her lose her friends as a kid. I’m still unsure where we are going with this. I also wonder if she can use her regalia and what power it is. The Magician is supposed to be able to use air, water, fire and earth. Himiko was air,  Takeda has fire. So Water or Earth for Jeanne? Or is there more?

Hamatora ep 4

Moral is not just creepy, he is also crazy. He planned an insurrection by kids in the city. It was thwarted by chance, but still. Crazy.

We also meet two new minimum holders that Art contacted. The girl, Honey, can see ten minutes into the future using a tablet and the Mighty script. I’m not sure how that works exactly, so I will call it magic. Her partner, called Three, recites a prayer before turning into a “beast.” He also likes manga.

Long story short, the thing investigated by Nice and Art end up affecting Honey and Three and it got resolved. The case was why kids under 15 were getting guns to commit crime or participate in an insurrection. The whole thing was planned by Moral.

Nobunagun ep 4

So how do you shoot something that is riding a hurricane? Easy: you throw yourself in the hurricane with a parachute and shoot it down.

This episode was a bit crazy. Nobunagun and Jack are both totally crazy, at least it means that they make a great team. We also see the “plot” thicken with the UO probably being able to communicate and evolve as a group and not just individually.

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