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We had two totally ridiculous shows this week: Hamatora and Nobunagun. It’s like the writers asked themselves to put the most absurd ideas into these episodes. They are not bad episodes, mind you, just a bit “out there.” As for the other shows, we get battles and plots in Tokyo Raven and The Fool. Samurai Flamenco was a character development episode for Hazama and Mari.

Tokyo Raven ep 17

So Etou-san, the cop, isn’t exactly a Twin-Horned Syndicate dude, but he went to school with two of them. He wasn’t even a bad guy, but Shaver cut him into pieces anyhow… and a spiritual disaster happened, corrupted the already crazy Shaver. And then a bunch of monsters showed up.

Oh boy. He really wants to fight Hokuto, and Harutora entered super-powered mode or something. He’s actually rather brilliant, I guess, and understands his magical equilibrium rather well.

Also, everyone now knows that Natsume is a girl, Kyoko didn’t take that very well. She’s pissed off at Harutora for not remembering the promise and because he didn’t tell her she was mistaken.

We also get to meet Kyoko’s dad this episode, he’s the boss of all the shaman police…and a bad guy. Poor Amani, we didn’t even see the fight. Strangely, Takiko and the other General I don’t remember how to spell the name of didn’t seem too pleased with having to dispose of him.

And now Takiko wants to put the Raven’s coat on Natsume. For some reason, I don’t think this will end well.

Samurai Flamenco ep 16

This episode was really good. MMM got back together, which means the Flamenco Girls will probably be back soon, and Mari got out of her funk.  We also got girls punching each other and girls kissing each other with Mizuki saying she wasn’t into that and that Mari was full of barf (she was, eurks).

Mizuki is the best MMM girl.
Mizuki is the best MMM girl.

All of Samurai Flamenco’s allies were interviewed: the guy who made his early gears and his manager. I guess nobody knows about Goto or can find the Samurai Girls (or think about them for that matter), which is good for them. We also got to see Red Axe handled like Hannibal Lecter in prison and his wife might end up being important later too. He even calls her Lady Axe.

We also have Hazama who got saved by somebody he saved in something like the first episode. The guy said he was partially blind but I suspect he knew who he picked up. Fits much better with his little story.

The episode ended with Hazama running to Goto for help and him saying: “Took you long enough, idiot.”

Buddy Complex ep 5

Nice episode.

Looks like the Coupling features have some OP systems and the Cygnus crew is quite competent. Poor Aoba, having to go through the “welcome to the crew” drill: the classic “clean up the whole ship.” Despite being an idiot, Aoba is at least a nice guy and allowed Fiona to talk to her brother Dio.

Zoglia seems a bit overpowered though, they took over the Chitose base and had like two full armies attacking it. Aoba is still obsessed with Hina and with his mecha too.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 5

Really good episode. Somebody made a really big mistake and caused the death of Nabu’s father, which means that he’s not the clan lord and on the vengeance path… to kill Caesar.

Speaking of Caesar, his War Armor is awesome and has parts that transform into a horse. He pronounces his name as “Kaiser” (which is the proper way, apparently) and thinks Ichi is a goddess.

Ranmaru also did something cool this episode. She’s not that stupid I guess, just undecided. She also knows how to control a War Armor, going by her having a regalia and wearing an armor early on, I’m wondering if she’s not related to somebody on the round table in the end.

Now I’m wondering where this is going, but I hope we get to see more Star of the West War Armor in action. They are just more high-tech than what the East has.

Hamatora ep 5

Hagime tried to wind rice balls at the festival, but she ended up winning a trip to some hot springs. She just wanted a hamburger.

Honey is a rather cool character and the entire exchange with Three, Birthday and Ratio was awesome. Only the girls get to go to the hot spring. Although, it appears that Nice and his partner will have a case that brings them there, too. Coincidence?

The two kids from the first episode are both working at the hot spring. Coincidence?

WTH, another show with totally random stuff. The hot spring was taken hostage by guys…who are into guys. Pissed off Honey even. The dude Nice was supposed to be watching has a minimum too, and I think he’s part of the terrorists. Holy moly, what kind of power is that? His sweat allows him to control people (seduction minimum). Bouahahaha. He was doing sit-ups to “liberate it.”

They are totally into guys
They are totally into guys

This episode went from ridiculous to ridiculous. A 18-way relationship, how does that even work? Anyhow, it was mostly a “fans do crazy things for their idols,” with Moral’s touch in the mix. Hajime was awesome, though.

Nobunagun ep 5

Sio was put in the second squad: the combat team. That is the same team as Jack, and he isn’t exactly happy about the news. We get to meet three other members from another team: Galileo, John Hunter and Vidocq. There is also a Dai Zong in the third squadron.

The reason why she is in a combat team is because she has battle smarts; she actually sucks as a sniper. He squadron lives in a flying base called Alex Logan. The team also has Ghandi and Newton in it.

Looks like Newton loves giving the tongue as a “welcome.” Poor Sio and Jack. We also got a bit of info dumping. Dogoo has three strongholds, the other two are called George Atsumi and Steven Hiller. They also have another boat called Clayton Forrester. These seem to be related to fictional characters from books or movies.

E-gene holders have high libido. Oh dear. Poor Sio, being hunted by her entire squadron, at least she has Asao…

We also learn how the evil aliens communicate, when a big object dies, it throws small parasites that have all the info that get re-absorbed by other monsters to transmit the info. That is at least original.

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