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Things are moving, everywhere. We get even more craziness in Samurai Flamenco, if that’s possible. Nobunaga The Fool has another sad episode, and the other Nobunaga show focuses on another group of characters. Finally, Tokyo Raven is a mix between moving to the final stretch and a breather episode, while The Buddy Complex still looks like a two-course show despite apparently being 12 episodes. I wonder how that is going to wrap up.

Tokyo Raven ep 18

Let’s start with the “boring” part: Kyouko is being an ass (sort of) because of the reveal (Natsume is a girl) and what it means about her promise (to Bakatora).  The promise was to find a ribbon, which is so boring.

Now the fun part. Douman went to see Ootomo before he left the hospital. He thought that Ootomo should receive a reward for winning their fight and isn’t satisfied with answering questions.

The Shaman agency attacked the Tsuchimikado main house. Looks like Natsume’s dad is a cool dude, letting his familiar (one of which was known as the Human power generator and the other being Haratora’s dad) do all the fighting. Miyachi ended up burning the whole place down, and he got his hand on the Raven’s coat.

The episode ended with Takiko showing up at the school, so the next episode should be interesting…

Samurai Flamenco ep 17

Everyone and everything is Flamenco!

Holy moly! The episode is called “Ultimate Prime Minister” and that is because the prime minister seems to be a mix of Iron Man and Modok. The prime minister wanted 100% support because his super armor is powered by the population supporting him. He was also doing that to stop Alien Flamenco…who is Mr. Justice.

Long story short, Hamaza and the gang were manipulated by Mr. Justice to get ride of the Ultimate Prime Minister.

This episode had the Samurai Girl Reborn (with a pun on ribbons), Samurai Policeman (Goto) who is accused of being a cosplay freak, and Kono joining the Samurai Flamenco team.

Seems like we are going to space next episode. This show is entertaining, despite being totally Flamenco!

Buddy Complex ep 6

So the news that the coupling system was being worked on reached the “populace” and to appease them, the Marketing team decided to do a photo-shoot of the Cygnus crew in swimsuits. The main attractions are Luxon and Bradyon, but the filming crew brought another pilot for the Luxon: Fromm. Looks like he’s an old friend of Dio. He also hit on the vice-captain… the faces were priceless.

The faces are priceless this episode. Fromm just hit on the vice-captain here...
The faces are priceless this episode. Fromm just hit on the vice-captain here…

The vice-captain avoided the swimsuit shoot. I like her a lot; super serious ladies are the best character type. Seems like Dio and Fromm aren’t too compatible, but Aoba and Fromm are super compatible. Which means that Dio isn’t going to do a lots of flying this episode.

Zoglia has Imperial Guards, who fly in a ship called Gae Bolg (Cúchulainn’s spear in the Irish mythology). They are better than Aoba and Fromm while they are coupling and beside one guy, they are all red shirts. OMG! Dio is freaking awesome though, even in a stock Beryl Explorer.

Oh dear, Fromm is staying on the Cygnus. Poor Dio.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 6

Nobu really has the tricks to piss off everyone. Mitsuhide and Ichihide probably saved his hide more than once, although this come at a heavy price.

The little pet on her shoulder mimicked every face Himiko did.
The little pet on her shoulder mimicked every face she did.

Mitsuhide feels guilty about the death of Lord Oda and that means he did something really sad. When a clan is divided, the only way to bring back order is by removing the “opposition.” The little brother wasn’t even angry about it.

The real punch to the gut, though, was Himiko getting shot. Is she dead?

Hamatora ep 6

Plot and back-story! I love plot and back-story.

Birthday and Ratio are investigating the kidnapping of one of their high school friends: Chiyuu. She’s a minimum holder with a knack for painting. We learn quite a bit about their background. Seems like Ratio had a hard time at school because of his power, and Birthday was annoyed by his attitude. The first time they meet, Ratio saw that Birthday had an incurable disease, so Birthday said he was never going to die so Ratio could kill the “false prophet.” It’s a cute story.

We also learn that Birthday, Three, Nice and everyone else all knew Art’s brother. I guess we can tell why some people thought Art had a minimum, his brother did and died because of it. He refused a pancake diner with Art because he had something planned, but he mistakes the date and a case showed up.

Of course, the two stories converged here once more and this caused Nice to learn who is the killer… Next episode should be interesting.

Nobunagun ep 6

The entire episode was about Squadron 1:  Geronimo, Gaudi and Cyx. The only image of Sio was one of Capa’s swimsuit shot that he gave to everyone in Godoo. Even Gaudi is a fan, and totally scared of the princess (who is Geronimo, real name Sujho, who is a girl and I suspect a sniper).

Anyhow, this episode was more like a horror story and something meant to present us this squad. They seem lot more competent than Squadron 2 and Suho is totally awesome. She’s now my favorite character and I can’t wait for her to clash with Sio.

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