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Olympics break means two shows were skipped this week: Samurai Flamenco and Nobunaga The Fool. The others are staying current, though. Tokyo Raven is ramping up the finale and it might end up stressful. Buddy Complex cruises on Sunrise mecha show script and Nobunagun shows some nice action and drops really interesting information to move the plot.

Tokyo Raven ep 19

Seems like Takiko has strange friends, one of them is actually an ex-dead guy who looks younger, who is also Suzuka’s father. He calls Takiko the Souma Princess. OK, how old is Takiko, exactly? Because she has a personal history with Yakou, and he has been dead for a while. She’s a strange character, I’m not sure of what she wants, well, aside from the small match with Natsume. I’m starting to think that Kurashi is using Takiko’s desire to have a worthy comrade for his own purpose. It’s not going to be pretty when she finds out.

Ootomo is awesome, even with the white hair. His face when he learned Natsume was a girl was priceless, too. He encouraged Natsume to talk to Kyouko, and what a discussion it was. Lots of tears. He is going to leave teaching so he can do his job properly. He was probably hired to watch Natsume. Also, the school principal said something weird to Ootomo though, she predicted that Yakou would be reincarnated in a boy. Natsume is clearly a girl, so she is not Yakou…

Cry me a river...
Cry me a river…

Kyouko…you just brought a bad guy close to Natsume and Bakatora! Although, I can’t really hate you for it, you didn’t know. Takiko’s face was priceless when she learned Natsume was a girl, way more shocked than Ootomo.

Samurai Flamenco ep 18

Olympics Break!

Buddy Complex ep 7

Lake Louise! That’s where the secret coupling training camp is. I’m just surprised they took one of the prettiest and most touristy areas in Canada to put their super secret training facility.

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to take this as a flag. The captain of the Cygnus has never sunk in the ships he served in, all six of them. Either he has super luck or he’s not as stupid as he looks.

Info dump on coupling. They went all this way to get people who have matching waveforms for Aoba to screw them over. Aoba can couple with anyone because his waveform doesn’t deviate from standard, the downside is that he causes his buddy to change his waveform from standard and makes them lose coupling percentage.

Our little Zogglia soldiers — not the Imperial guards, the other ones — got a new ship called the Varja (“thunderbolt” or “diamond” in Sanskrit). It’s all red and I like it. The only problem is the Secret Service Agent on board. I don’t like her, the rest of the crew is all right.

I love the fight scenes in this show. They sort of make sense and have strategy, as opposed to balls of lights. Well, some strategy. There might be a bit too much blood-crazy Hina, though.

Next episode is going to be Sunrise classic “boy and girl stranded on an island.” Woohoo!

Nobunaga The Fool ep 7

Olympics break

Hamatora ep 7

Moral is an ex-Minimum agency researcher. We also learned how he does his “operation,” none of the people who received powers have seen his face. There are also brains called Forbidden minimum holders. I wonder what they are.

A bit of history about the time at the Falculta Academy. Ratio and Birthday withdrew mid-way because of Birthday’s health and Nice followed soon after. Art and Honey did graduate, even if Art has no minimum.

The Moral’s theme is creepy. He’s the one who put the black cosmos on the tombs of Art’s brother. That’s how Art found him, got a really crazy speech out of it and more. Moral has done everything he has because he doesn’t want Nice to be lonely. He also thinks he is some sort of supreme being.

Nobunagun ep 7

This week is the “Ghost ship” horror story remake. I wonder if the show is going to have each episode based on a horror movie/show trope. We had Godzilla, Bermuda Triangle, crazy guy in remote place, and ghost ship.

Sio is a geek, she can recognize a ship despite being covered by evil possessing worms. OK, it’s a WWII Japanese ship, but even then. She doesn’t want the Musashi to get blown up either. The guys making this show are also geeks: bee-like sentience, torpedo-fishes, given the exact length of the John C. Stennis (Nimitz-class super carrier).

Looks like the aliens can read the dead’s memories just like the AU weapon the E-gene holders do. Oh ,and the AU weapon can only destroy the monsters. Just like normal weapons do not work on them. Interesting.

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