Winter 2014: Seriously? Four Things to Do Until You Feel Warm Again

Oh hey — let’s talk some more about this weather that has slammed the Midwest and east coast this year, shall we? 

I thought things were getting back to normal this week, and they were, right up until today’s snow totals went from 3″ to closer to 6″. Right up until I got the automated call from my best buddy, Charles, that school was dismissing early. AGAIN. (I have had more calls from Charles, transportation director, than anyone else since the start of 2014)

I come from Chicagoland, where there is plenty of snow. I live in Indianapolis, where snowfall averages are right around two feet in a normal winter.

Winter view from my patio

This winter? This winter is in no way normal. We still have about five weeks to go, and so far, we’ve received nearly double that. It’s enough to make even someone who doesn’t suffer from SAD ready to hop a flight to someplace warm.

Here are a four things to do when you just can’t fathom shoveling for another minute.

  1. Make plans, along with a tentative backup date. So far this winter, a school event was rescheduled twice and a girls night out rescheduled once, but wow was is nice to have something to look forward to as I went about my day.
  2. Along the same vein, reach out to friends. Everyone handles bad weather, canceled plans, and cabin fever differently. Check in with your people, it could make all the difference to them.
  3. Use your “found” time for something fun. Do you think it’s a coincidence we’ve starting running monthly themes with daily recipes? Experiment a little bit, you’re not going to work in the morning anyway. In my house, we’ve caught up on all sorts of Netflix series, and are taking advantage of any Redbox code we can find.
  4. Think warm thoughts, and plan for brighter days ahead. I registered my kids for camp this month. Sounds crazy, but looking at July’s calendar made me happy. I’ve booked hotel rooms for summer weekend trips we’ve always thought about taking, but never have. I’m looking at gardening supplies, and thinking about patio furniture, because once I can go outside, I don’t know that I’ll ever come back inside.


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