A Few Random Observations from Someone Who Is Too Observant

Sometimes I can’t shut my mind off.

Sometimes I wait until just the last minute where I can’t hold it anymore to use the restroom. I do this partly because I’m too lazy to move away from what I’m doing.

Maybe squirrels only look panicked in public, but are really chill when they’re alone.

I’m pretty sure I can make it as an Asian soap opera star. I have the talent of crying on cue. I think that’s the only emotion you need to make it big out there.

It’s been 2 years since I’ve driven a car. Not sure when I’ll ever drive again since I live in a metropolitan city with good public transportation. Maybe I’ll just never move back to the suburbs.

I never liked the suburbs.

I’m more excited about getting a puppy than about having children.

When I think of a deep, insightful, thought-provoking idea, my first thought is to tweet about it. Because intellectual ideas can be composed in 140 characters, I’m sure.

I hate public restrooms but during the moments when I have no choice and have to use one, I just think having an automatic air freshener and a sound system with light classical music playing would make the experience so much more pleasant.

I often think myself into exhaustion.

One day I’ll get the courage to cut my hair into a pixie cut.

I wonder if there are any animals that are self-actualized?

One of my hobbies is personifying animals. My favorite animals to imagine with personalities are dogs (duh), cats, crows (they look like they walk around like they’re up to no good), and squirrels (manic, yet fascinating little creatures).

Life can be a teensy bit more bearable if it just took moments to burst into song. Like, if life was like that one musical scene in 500 Days of Summer, I’d be cool with that.

Why the heck was I obsessed with Hanson as a teenager??

I only ask people if they want the last french fry/chip/chicken nugget/whatever delicious parcel of food leftover to be polite. I don’t really mean it though. I actually want the last bit.

In a past life, I was probably British. I don’t know why, but everything British-related just feels right to me.

There’s a fine line between having selfie pride and straight up narcissism.

Whatever happened to Pete & Pete?

At times when I get really excited about a topic and talk fast, I start sounding like the folks on the show Laguna Beach. (I am from Southern California.)

I don’t look like a person that listens to Kendrick Lamar, but I do.

By Luann

Feminist, Pinay, coffee lover, boba aficionado and pop culture enthusiast. Current graduate student in Peace and Conflict Studies. Dwelling in the rainy city of Portland, Oregon but always California dreaming. You can also read more of her articles at

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