Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Lupita Nyong’o is my new patronus.

The article I read this week that simply could not shut up about was NYMag’s discussion about the fact that Lupita Nyong’o is considered an “it” girl despite being a decade older than most “it” girls. The reason I loved this article so much is it gives hope to those of us in our early 30s who are just now going back for advanced degrees; in other words, I really identified with the Nyong’o’s career narrative. New York Magazine

Our very own Pileofmonkeys wrote a great piece about feminism after fatherhood. Persephone Magazine

It seems that Jezebel must have read Coco’s horoscope as they had an in-depth feature on Rocket Cats. I can’t fault them for this because Rocket Cats. Jezebel

Trigger warnings have spread to college classes. Perhaps we should start putting a trigger warning on life. The New Republic

Martha Stewart did an AMA on Reddit. She was, of course, flawless. Reddit

I don’t have access to HBOGo, so I can’t watch True Detective (I hear it’s great, though). Those of you who have been watching might enjoy this article about the women on the show. The Hairpin

Meet a queer feminist Muslim. Patheos

And then there was this video. It comes from Cosmo. I’m not sorry.

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Terry Richardson continues to show his creep side, and another model popped up with her story about his abusive, disgusting side. And after that candids with him and Lupita showed up and I just want to bombard her with articles about him because urgh I’m sure she’s too sane for this.

That trigger warning article looks very interesting – must read it when I have a few more minutes to hand. I find the idea of trigger warnings interesting as a whole and have been involved in communities where they’re essential and I think it’s often less about the context of the article than the context of where they’re hosted, if that makes sense.

I think trigger warning are warranted if, say, you’re about to read an article on kittens and at the end someone tells a story about the time something that could be triggering to someone who had a similar trauma (and by triggering, I mean it would cause anxiety, depression, etc.) But if you are taking a women’s studies class or racial studies class or a class that could relate to anything bad that happened in the world, then you should expect that, at some point, something uncomfortable might come up. I feel like if, as a student, you know certain issues trigger you, it’s up to you to have a private conversation with your professor about how you need to handle it.

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