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Feelin’ Down? This Post Will Turn That Frown Upside Down

The work day is over and we now have the rest of the week with an hour loss to our days to look forward to. Ugh. If you’re like me and have been out of sorts for whatever reason, this may cheer you up.

A penguin running after a zookeeper might make you smile. The penguin is probably thinking, “OMG WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! I WANT TO COME TOO! DON’T LEEEAAVVEEE MEEE!!!”

Watch this Corgi rage war against this sour lemon candy. Who will win?!

This perplexed dog is just watching this squirrel try to hide acorns in his fur. SQUIRREL, Y U SO CRAZY!?

Life can’t be as bad as what this penguin has just gone through. I’m sure the other penguins won’t let him forget about it.

This cat is certain he can fit into these small boxes. That’s persistence!

This little girl eats EVERYTHING her mom makes her. It’s just the most adorable thing ever. And her love for food rivals most people I know — even ME…AND I love food.

BatDad is a GENIUS.


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