Friday News Bites: Potential Disasters, Actual Disasters + The World of Music

Somehow, this week’s attention ended up centering around music news stories, both good and bad. We’ve also got a car seat recall, an update regarding the gas explosion in Harlem on Wednesday, and more. Let’s get started.

Unfortunately, the death count keeps rising after Wednesday’s building collapses in Harlem. At the time of writing this, seven people are dead and dozens are injured after a gas explosion toppled two buildings.

In other sad news, also from Wednesday: At SXSW in Austin, Texas, a drunk driver killed two people and injured 23 others after the driver tried to evade a sobriety checkpoint. [Warning: auto-loading video]

The missing Malaysian plane story isn’t becoming anymore clear, but now the U.S. has sent a ship to further investigate portions of the Indian Ocean. As everyone else has said: It’s Lost in real life, yo.

Graco has expanded their car seat recall to include up to 403,000 seats. If you have wee ones in one of their seats, double-check the current safety info.

In historically relevant news: “Cuban revolutionary heroine Melba Hernandez, one of only two women to accompany Fidel Castro in a 1953 assault widely seen as the start of the country’s communist revolution, has died, official media reported Monday. She was 92, ” The Raw Story reports.

In “WTF, I used to listen to that band!” News: Ex-New Found Glory guitarist/songwriter Steve Klein has been charged with “two counts of lewd conduct with a minor under 14, three counts of lewd conduct with a minor 14 or 15, one count of intent to commit a lewd act with a minor and one count of possession of child pornography.”

Ugh. Moving on…

Johnny Marr has managed to break his hand while he was running, which may or may not affect his future gigs. LET ME NURSE YOU BACK TO HEALTH!

-cough- Moving on AGAIN…

Did you know that Busta Rhymes Island is a real thing that exists? I have a friend that lives near it. I wonder if she’s ever been?

OASIS Exhibition Poster - Chasing the Sun
(image via

Finally, since this is me doing these sorts of newsy updates, I have to mention the following: Covering the first three albums of the band’s existence, and “opening 20 years to the day since the release of the debut Oasis single Supersonic, Chasing The Sun: Oasis 1993 – 1997 runs from April 11th – 22nd at London Newcastle Project Space and entry is free.”

Someone in the area please go on my behalf. Please? Internet love and unicorn kisses could be yours!

Until next time, friends.


By Sara Habein

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