Friday News Bites: Women’s Health, SAT Changes + Attempts at Good News

I don’t know about the rest of you, but it’s been a bit of a trying week, and though I’m covering some important-yet-distressing stories, I admit that I went out of my way to find the good stuff, too. We’re all in this together.

So… I’ve seen too many episodes of The X-Files to think any good can come from this: “Virus Locked In Siberian Ice For 30,000 Years Is Revived In Lab.”

First I saw this story about a call for knitters to make pullovers for penguins affected by an oil spill. Turns out the story isn’t accurate. Dammit, why can’t I have a cute penguin story be true?

Two more abortion clinics in Texas have closed because of the strict new laws in the state. Here’s Rachel Maddow’s report on it [Warning: Auto-loading video].

All right, time for some good/amusing news:

RuPaul apparently has a new album coming out, but not before pulling a pretty great prank on illegal downloaders.

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway announced he will not defend the state’s same-sex marriage ban, and his speech was quite emotional.

Via The Guardian: “Authorities in China to allow tourists to graffiti on a specific section of the wall, in the hope of reducing its spread.”

The New York Post ran a story that said actor Andrew Garfield “snubbed” the five-year-old cancer survivor known as “Batkid” for an Oscars segment. Turns out that’s not true at all — The Academy decided that another endless montage was more important, and the Batkid segment was cut for time. Instead, Garfield took the boy to Disneyland.

SCIENCE! We’ve got new detailed photos of Saturn’s rings.

Finally, my SAT score will be back to seeming less pathetic because the way the test is scored is changing again, returning the max score to 1600 points.

So, I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. (Does this mean I’m smart again? ~ed.)

By Sara Habein

Sara Habein is the author of Infinite Disposable, a collection of microfiction, and her work has appeared on The Rumpus, Pajiba and Word Riot, among others. Her book reviews and other commentary appear at Glorified Love Letters, and she is the co-manager of Electric City Creative.

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