Lina Lamont: Underappreciated Gem

“She can’t act, she can’t sing, and she can’t dance. A triple threat”

Lina Lamont gets a lot of shit in Singin’ in the Rain. She is the villain of the movie, mostly because she is a beautiful, talented silent movie actress who can’t seem to make the transition to sound because of her voice and because of her generally unpleasant personality. It’s so easy to hate Lina: she’s annoying, flamboyant, exaggerated, and dramatic. She schemes to keep her job and is willing to sacrifice others in her way.

She dares to dream that her working relationship with Don Lockwood could become a real relationship. She plays second fiddle to him during early red carpet interviews because it’s easier for him to speak for them. (It should be noted that when the reporter at the beginning of the movie asks, “You’ve come a long way together Don. Won’t you tell us how it happened?” Don follows this with a full 10 minutes of his own back story including a FULL SONG NUMBER without really ever mentioning Lina.)

Here are some reasons to love Lina.

  • Lina is adaptable to situations, when it suits her needs.
A screen shot of Lina Lamont and Don Lockwood
Lina is unimpressed with new stuntman Don.
A picture of four people dressed in movie costumes talking in front of a striped tent.
Lina sees producers and knows something is up.
a picture of a man in a battered costume talking to a woman in a purple turban
Don is a new studio fave. Lina senses it’s her time to act. Not too late to flirt.
A picture of a woman in a purple turban kicking a man in the butt.
But if Don insults you, you give him what he deserves.
  • Lina looks great in costume.
Lina Lamont in a red dress next to a man in a cowboy costume.
Even if flapper cowboy isn’t really a thing, Lina looks sassy and fierce.
A picture of Lina Lamont dressed in a Marie Antionette-type costume.
“Gee this wig weighs a ton, what dope would wear a thing like this?”
“Everybody used to wear them, Lena”
“Then everybody was a dope.”
  • Lina looks great in her “regular” clothes.
A picture of Lina Lamont.
I would go to diction classes if I could be dressed like that.
A picture of Lina Lamont.
Look at the glamour. GLAMOUR.
  • Lina is a consummate professional.
A picture of Lina Lamont with a cake in her face.
Even when she gets a cake thrown in her face.
A picture of Lina Lamont in a green show dress.
Even when her costar won’t let her talk and pulls her offstage.
A picture of Lina Lamont and four men in suits.
Even when everyone else is facing the crushing disappointment of the movie failure (and she is NAILING that look).
  • Lina isn’t afraid to drive a hard bargain.
A picture of Lina Lamont in a pink floppy hat.

Sure, Lina might be a little “dumb or somethin’,” and she might be a little oblivious to some things around her. But she isn’t afraid to fight for herself and her career, and for a woman in Hollywood, that’s pretty damn impressive, even if sometimes she says things that are super obvious.

A picture of Lina Lamont with three men in tuxedos.
“Well, of course we talk. Don’t everybody?”

By Karishma

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