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Lunchtime Poll: Happy Belated International Women’s Day!

Saturday, March 8 marked International Women’s Day with the theme “Inspiring Change.”

In continuing the spirit of International Women’s Day, let’s start a discussion on women who inspire you. I’ll start!

My mom – Despite how different we are, everything that she has done for me and my sister has always been for the betterment of our futures. She may not have exactly wanted me to be as vocal or radical as I turned out to be, but I think she also knew what she was in for when she made it mandatory for both me and my sister to finish college. But without her love, support and influence, I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today.

The list of inspirational women I have in my life or that I look up to is a long and exhausting list! But it consists of people like Wendy Davis, Yuri Kochiyama, Angela Davis, bell hooks, and Irene M. Santiago from the Philippines, just to name a few.

Who are the women who inspire you? Who are the women who inspire you to make change?

By Luann

Feminist, Pinay, coffee lover, boba aficionado and pop culture enthusiast. Current graduate student in Peace and Conflict Studies. Dwelling in the rainy city of Portland, Oregon but always California dreaming. You can also read more of her articles at

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One of my ex-bosses. She was unapologetic, never afraid to be viewed as loud, bossy, bitchy and all the other “bad things” women who go for what they want get thrown at them. She takes risks, started her own company and is just doing everything she can the way she wants, while making money of it.

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