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Lunchtime Poll: Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

What’s goin’ on today?!

A festive banner saying 'Happy St. Patrick's Day'
Source: Cute Girls Hairstyles

Are you boozin’ it up on this day of joy and drunken debauchery? Participating in any parades? Attending mass? Breaking your lenten restriction of drinking so you can participate in today’s festivities? Let us know!

As for me, I might drink a Guinness or two today. Nothing toooo crazy though. Although I can’t make any promises.

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Waiting for calls about jobs that were expected today and I’ve heard nothing. Later, I have a meeting at the non-profit my former therapist is starting to discuss a snazzy fundraiser. My only issue is that since I live in a Republican state, there is talk about inviting people I generally loathe.

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