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New Show Recap: Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show, Part 1 and 2

Newly sober and fresh out of her sixth stint in rehab, actress Lindsay Lohan is attempting to rebuild her career on the documentary series Lindsay¬†on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Of course, our eyes are glued to the screen, waiting to see if Lindsay’s attempts at making a legitimate clean break from the party lifestyle will manifest itself into the phoenix-rising effect similar to peers before her like Britney Spears.

We all are familiar with Lindsay’s unfortunate mishaps, addictions, rehab visits and courtroom coverage, over the past seven years. For so long, perhaps her history with drugs and partying may be all we can associate with her and less from her actual filmography. I, for one, have been fascinated with her career for a while, watching her reach her peak popularity back in 2004 with the movie, Mean Girls, and then keeping up to date now and then with her arrests and rehab visits.

Naturally, her initial interview with Oprah had me intrigued when they spoke briefly about the reality show. Back when Britney Spears had her public meltdown and everyone was so sure her career was done, I was one of the few that believed that there was an inkling of hope somewhere that would find its way out. And now look at her! Do I think that Lindsay has the ability to do the same. YES.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the first two parts of Lindsay’s reality show

Part 1: Lindsay starts the series after completing her sixth stay in rehab. She’s shown in part one of the docuseries, arriving in New York because she “needs to be closer to family.” Her mother Dina and brother Cody make brief appearances on camera. She leaves most of her belongings at Dina’s house and sets off to stay at a hotel until she is able to move into her new apartment.

Much of the first episode is focused on Lindsay canceling meetings, event appearances and so forth, to which there always seemed to be a valid excuse attached with each cancellation. She’s shown talking with her sober coach, Mike, about canceling the trip to Venice and London to promote the movie The Canyons, because she didn’t want to be forced to talk about just leaving rehab on the red carpet.

Another aspect of the episode to point out is Lindsay’s unwillingness to recognize her lack of humility. At a time when she was supposed to be supporting her sister’s fashion show, Lindsay chooses that moment to draw attention back to her, by speaking with her realtor on the phone over why the apartment was not ready for her to move into yet.

Part 2: It becomes apparent in part two of the docuseries that Lindsay is low on funds. She is shown arguing with the executive producer of the production company that produces Lindsay’s OWN reality show, regarding the checks being taken away which were supposed to be used to secure her apartment. So, the production company making her reality show is footing the bill for her living arrangement. This was done due to Lindsay’s inability to comply with the shooting schedule they had previously agreed upon (the episode opens up with her personal assistant trying to get her to wake up to start shooting for the day).

After that snafu, Lohan is shown having lunch with her dad and you get a taste of what the relationship dynamic is like for this high-profile family. It was one of the moments for me, that I felt I somewhat connected with Lohan, due to also having a dad that was in and out of my life. Michael Lohan put the full blame on Dina Lohan for preventing meaningful relationships to be fostered with his children. Paparazzi are again shown in this episode and the extent to which Lindsay must take calculated steps to simply move around, or even have a cigarette outside without being bothered.

Finally, the episode closes with her finally gaining the keys to her apartment after like 50 days of waiting. There’s a moment as she’s walking around admiring her new place, where you feel like, she just might win.

Tune in for next week’s episode where Oprah chews out Lindsay. It looks like it’s going to be a good one!!

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