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New Show Recap: Parenthood 5.17, “Limbo”

This week’s episode is all about Crosby’s bundle of joy, Aida, and her upcoming baptism. The show opens with Crosby and Jasmine discussing the upcoming ceremony with Jasmine’s mom. While Grandma wants to save Aida’s soul, Crosby just wants to save Jasmine from more stress while they are staying with his parents. While Grandma works on saving Aida from limbo, the rest of the Bravermans are in various states of limbo right there in Berkley.

Crosby and Jasmine

Jasmine is remaining uncharacteristically calm throughout their stay at the Bravermans. As she is backed into the corner regarding her daughter’s baptism by her own mother, and then backed into a dinner the night before by her mother-in-law, she just smiles and carries on. Crosby is the one caught in the middle, as plans for the baptism included Joel as the godfather, at least until he moved out.

Parenthood_Crosby at DInner 5_17


Sarah manages to get into hot water with Adam and Kristina when Max comes to Hank’s studio while she is working on her big photo shoot project. Max barges in with only his own needs on his mind, and railroads Sarah off of the computer and off of the printer that’s been rented for the project. It escalates until Sarah follows Max home and tries to explain herself to Kristina. Matters get worse when she tries to make her case to Adam, who’s already mad about being the “back up” godfather to Aida. Sometimes it’s hard to be a Braverman.

Amber and Drew

Amber and Drew have now become a dynamic duo. Drew goes to Amber after he realizes that it’s never going to happen with Natalie. Frustrated with his clueless roommate, Berto, and with Natalie, he goes to Amber and drowns his sorrow in chocolate ice cream. Amber continues to lament Ryan’s absence, and before we know it, they are smoking pot and having a party. Unfortunately, Sarah calls to remind them about the actual party, Aida’s baptism dinner. Kristina calls them stoners as she, Adam, and Sarah sling words back and forth over the most uncomfortable Braverman dinner to date.


Julia and Joel

When Crosby approaches the issue of godparents with Julia and Joel, the separation becomes more real for both of them. Julia’s upset that Crosby thinks Joel needs to be excused, and she’s upset that Joel just passively backed down. Julia makes a heartfelt call to Joel, ands tells him that she is worth fighting for.


As he and Camille are hosting this dinner, he begins to see what is unraveling around him. As Sarah finds out for the first time that the house is on the market, and Adam is complaining (uncharacteristically) about being the “fill in” godfather, Julia apologizes for not holding her marriage together long enough to make this baptism easy. Zeek excuses himself, goes to Joel, and pulls the best dad move I’ve ever seen him make. When he talks to Joel, he tells him that he gained a son the day he married Julia, and that Joel needs to try harder. It was a heartfelt plea, and it wasn’t just about making Julia happy. Zeek let Joel know that he loves him too and that he is part of the family. He emphasized that they’ve hit a rough patch without placing blame and without judgement. It’s a speech that Joel needed to hear, and that it was from an unlikely source made it all the more impactful.

The episode wraps up with Aida’s baptism, with the Bravermans in their Sunday best. As Julia stands on the alter with Adam, she sees Joel walk in and smile at her. Fingers crossed that they start turning toward each other instead of away from each other.

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