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New Show Recap: Parenthood, 5.19 “Fraud Alert”

This week, all kinds of things happened in the Braverman clan: there were road trips, cousins babysitting cousins, and Kristina telling off a school administrator. Let’s dig in, shall we? 

Adam & Kristina

Max informs Adam & Kristina that he is never going back to Cedar Knoll again. In his usual Max way there is no arguing with him, and Adam and Kristina are left baffled as to what to do next. Adam takes Max out for a day of surfing, and Max has huge success. The school meeting is not so successful. The administrators seem content to let Max stay home the rest of the school year. They appear ill-equipped to help him or educate his peers about Asperger’s. All of this leaves the Bravermans frustrated as they storm out of the meeting.

Zeek & Camille

Camille & Zeek are still weighing their options when Zeek suddenly finds it necessary to take a road trip with Crosby in search of a car part. On the trek, he confides to Crosby that the idea of selling the house makes him feel old. Crosby assures him it’s ok, and that the best is yet to come. Crosby ends up coming home with a motorcycle, as Zeek comes home ready to sell the house. Camille may get her third act yet. Note: Jasmine didn’t say a word about the motorcycle. Not yet, anyway.

An image of a man riding a small motorcycle.

Amber & Drew

Meanwhile, Amber and Drew are still being depressed together. Amber forces Drew out of the loft to babysit for Sydney & Victor at Joel’s, which he dreads, but does. As he relays how sad Joel’s apartment is, Amber decides that she and Drew really need to be there for Sydney & Victor. Under protest, they take the young cousins roller skating and tell them tales of how they felt when their parents split. It was a sweet scene, and I hope that the cousins can continue to support each other.


Sarah gets a surprise visit from her ex-fiancé, Mark, who tells her that he’s getting married. Sarah spends a lot of this episode talking to Hank, and you are left to wonder if things are going to pick up there again.

Julia & Joel

Julia and Joel continue their delicate dance of joint custody. Joel is still very cold, and when Julia talks to Sarah about it, Sarah encourages her to confront Joel. She tells Julia she has a right to ask for some answers. When Julia asks the tough questions, she gets answers she doesn’t want to hear. Joel tells her that he was misled to think that their relationship was built on mutual trust & respect. He says that she wasn’t supportive of his career the way he was supportive of hers, and he brings up the problems that led to the separation. He tells her that he doesn’t think he’s going to be working on their relationship. And even though Joel is crying, I want to smack him in the face. Because while I admire his ability to glide though life so graciously, he’s not giving Julia any grace at all. He continues to point fingers, but doesn’t seem to remember what she has done, which includes fostering Sydney & Victor’s relationship. He verbally lashes out at her, making the whole thing seem one sided when clearly it isn’t. But then Julia meets Ed for a drink and I want to smack her in the face too. The preview for next week’s episode does not prove promising for Julia and Joel, which makes me sad.

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