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New Show Recap: Parenthood 5×15, “Just Like Home”

Parenthood has returned from its Olympic hiatus, and presented just the kind of episode I love. It covered just about every storyline, and there were great scenes where most of the cast was together. The Braverman siblings shared a moment, and the grandkids are learning to lean on each other too.


I’m not typing Joel’s name next to hers until he gets his head out of his ass. He’s gotten a new apartment and has created a man-cave, with thoughtful additions for the kids. The trouble is Sydney’s not buying it. Victor, surprisingly, is adapting a little more quickly, but maybe it’s because he’s used to his world being upside down. I don’t know. It’s all kinds of heart breaking, and kind of hard to watch.

Julia herself is having a hard time this first weekend alone. All three of her siblings seem to know this about her and spend time checking in on her throughout the episode. The idea peaks when all three of them show up at her door within minutes of each other, and she’s overwhelmed with gratitude. They all enjoy some wine and some music, and Crosby ends ups sleeping in Sydney’s empty bed, so I’d call the night a success. It seemed only right that I happened to be texting one of my brothers during this episode.

Crosby passed out in Sydney's bed


Sarah is finishing up her project with Hank while hanging out with Carl. Hank appears very jealous in his own awkward way. When Hank edits Sarah’s photos from the shoot they did together, she is furious and he calls the Asperger’s doctor he’s been seeing. The doctor is surprised at Hank’s definition of emergency, but coaches him through how to apologize. Sarah finds his attempt funny until he shares with her his fears about being on the autism spectrum himself.

Carl tells Sarah he’s falling for her, while Sarah tries to keep him at arm’s length. Oh Sarah. Do you not see a good thing when it’s right in front of your face?

Adam & Kristina

These two crazy kids have a weekend to themselves at a spa retreat. And while they are loving every minute of it, they decide to head home one night early. Adam can’t stop thinking about Julia, and Kristina’s feeling pretty good about life. I have not had enough spa retreat weekends to know if it’s normal to want to come home early from one.

Crosby & Jasmine

The Crosby Braverman family is staying with Camille and Zeek while their house is cleared of dangerous mold. He finds out that the house is going on the market when a real estate agent rings the doorbell one day to drop off some papers. He’s upset and surprised, and appears to think that it somehow impacts his life. I guess you can take the man-child out of the guest house, but the guest house will always remain part of the man-child? I don’t know. Zeek shoots Crosby a look when he brings it up over dinner, and then later defends his decision when they are alone. He simply tells Crosby that he loves Camille more than the house, and that’s it. Well done Zeek, well done.

Jasmine has maybe three words in this episode, all of which involve her saying no thank you to Camille when she pushes more food on her. How many weeks can Jasmine live at the Braverman compound without a tantrum? Anyone want to place bets?

Drew and Amy sit in Drew's car outside her parents' house


Drew’s high school girlfriend is still living in his dorm room, and even his blissfully self-centered roommate has noticed. It’s weird. Drew talks to Amber about it, and even Amber says, “I’m confused.” She encourages Drew to talk to Amy, and to help her get the courage up to talk to her parents about not wanting to go back to Tufts. She manages to say something about loving someone and wanting him to leave at the same time, but that’s the only reference to Ryan or her situation this episode. Drew drops her off at her parents house with a kiss and hug and pep talk.

As the family’s definition of home starts changing, it will be interesting to see how they adapt. And I sincerely hope that Joel gets his head out of his ass.

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