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New Show Recap: Parenthood 5×16 “The Enchanting Mr. Knight”

This week Julia does some soul-searching, Sarah refocuses on “the year of Sarah” and Kristina gets the news she’s been hoping for from her oncologist. Drew and Amber hit a fraternity party (what? what?), and Camille puts Crosby in his place.


We find Sarah and Carl together as the episode opens, and Carl is clearly smitten. Oh Carl. Can you hang around for one more season? Sarah may be ready then. She’s ready to jump on a flight to Africa with him, until Hank points out her pattern of dropping everything for a love interest. Hank is clearly bothered by Sarah’s relationship with Carl, but Sarah takes his observations of her flaking out with love, and she sees that he’s right. She refocuses on her “Year of Sarah,” and tells Carl it’s not going to happen.

Sarah and Hank looking at photos

Adam and Kristina

Adam and Kristina has two concerns in this episode: her first scan to see if she is still cancer-free, and figuring out the best environment for Max. As much as they both put on brave faces, they are clearly both terrified in the waiting room before the scan. In the days that follow, they focus on figuring out what’s best for Max. They meet with one of his teachers, and really like his approach with Max. Adam and Kristina decide to approach him about their idea of a charter school, and it seems like they are going to ahead with it. They do receive the news that Kristina has a clean bill of health, and in a touching scene, Adam is clearly more relieved than Kristina.

Drew and Amber

Drew confused about girls.Amber comes calling for Drew, after he holes up in his room post-Amy’s depature. Amber is overly animated, and insists they go to a fraternity party. She appears to be a much older soul when she suggests they go to dinner at 5:30 before the party…when the party starts at 10:30 p.m. In reality, she could still be a college student herself. They both strike out at the party, but it was some good brother-sister bonding.

Crosby and Camille

Camille and Zeek continue on with their plan to sell the house, despite Crosby’s objections. While he may have lived there longer than the other Braverman siblings combined, he IS overreacting, and not behaving like he has his own home and family. Jasmine encourages him to drop it — she’s getting stressed living in Bravermanland, and would to keep things as drama free as possible.

Instead, Crosby starts in on Camille, to the point where Camille thinks that Zeek has put him up to it. After a funny scene, where Crosby listens to his parents argue through the vents, he and Camille have words. She gives him an epic speech when he accuses her of being selfish, and I think every woman who’s made an empty-nest decision probably clapped when she was finished.

Julia and Joel

It’s “Happy Green Week,” and Julia is forced to return to the scene of the crime that contributed to her separation from Joel. She and Ed do a little presto chango in the wilted garden, and teach a few lessons on how vegetables grow (the wilted plants were replaced with healthy ones from the garden center). At first Julia is very standoffish with Ed, but eventually relents when she realizes he does know what she’s going through.

She and Joel have a couple of tense conversations, mostly revolving around sticking with the plan they devised with the therapist. Julia uses the excuse that Sydney was throwing a tantrum in front of the class, but Joel isn’t buying it. He retorts, “I told her no in front of the whole class for eight years.”  While it sounds harsh, when he says it, Joel sounds like he’s ready to cry. WTF, Joel? Admit that you miss your wife. Admit that you want to work things out. Get your head out of your ass, Joel.

And that’s where the Bravermans are this week. I’d love for there to be some action at the Luncheonette soon, and for Amber to find some friends. What else do you think might happen this season?

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