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Hello, my friends. We have news to cover, including the widening investigation into that disappearing plane that has been dominating the news. I have to warn you, that pretty much all this news is not good and there are trigger warnings for self-harm and rape. 

Malaysian Airline flight MH370 did not crash and it is becoming more evident that the plane was deliberately steered away from its flight path. There are now 25 countries aiding in the search and loaning their satellite capabilities to help search for any sign of the plane. Investigators are now also looking into areas where the plane could have landed.

The search is also bringing about some tensions, particularly with China, since there have been tense negotiations with ASEAN countries in regards to trade and maritime borders.

A well-known Chinese activist, Cao Shunli, died while in prison because she was denied medical treatment.

It’s reported that 19 people have died because of attacks in Peshawar and Quetta.

[Trigger warning for self-harm and suicide.]

An 18-year-old rape victim died from her injuries after setting herself on fire. She was attacked while returning from college and protested after one of her alleged attackers was released on bail.

Holding another trigger warning, the High Court in India has upheld the death penalty sentence in the rape and death of a 23-year-old college student in 2012.

A top U.S. commander in Afghanistan has said that a complete withdrawal of troops at the end of 2014 would allow Al Qaeda to regroup.

Thousands in Japan are protesting the use of nuclear power and the restarting of power plants in the south of the country, including Fukushima.

Some women’s group in the Philippines fear the the return of U.S. troops could mean an increase in prostitution of Filipino women.

Good news, the use of drones is down in Pakistan. Bad news: it’s increased in Afghanistan.

Oh, and North Korea launched 18 rockets into the sea.

Finally, we can always turn to sports for a bit of good news, as Afghan women boxers have their eyes on the 2016 Olympics.

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