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The saga of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues and it should go without saying that any news posted here could change by the posting date. However, the latest news is that there are promising leads in the possible location of where the flight went down in the Indian Ocean. There’s also the countdown to how long the plane’s black box will continue sending out a signal. Search crews have about a week left. Also worth noting, the families of those on the flight are really pissed (I don’t blame them) and are demanding that Malaysian officials be more transparent on what they’ve discovered so far.

Since the actual tragic loss of life has been trumped by speculation, here is a list of names and photos of those on the flight.

North Korea is feeling frisky again, if feeling frisky means launching missiles and testing how far they can go.

A Pakistani Christian man has been sentenced to death for blasphemy this week. Sawan Masih was accused of the crime after a fight with a Muslim friend, during which he allegedly made disparaging remarks against the Prophet Mohammed. Masih has asserted he is innocent and he has 30 days to appeal the sentence.

Side rant: Attention all US Christians who point to the Hobby Lobby case and people on social media calling them assholes as signs of persecution. The above is actual persecution. You being called an asshole because you’re acting like one and being the target of people’s anger because your case is endangering people’s access to healthcare is not persecution.

Also, Pakistani leaders gathered in North Waziristan for peace talks with Taliban leaders.

Fiji hasn’t held an election since a 2006 military coup; however, that is about to change. The government has set a general election date of September 17, 2014.

Cricket just brings everyone together. The Afghan Cricket team was awarded the Laureus Spirit of Sport Award in Kuala Lumpur. The award recognizes the work of those who have built up the team over the past 12 years.

Also in cricket news, after a widespread scandal, N. Srinivasan, the head of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will step aside to allow a fair probe into illegal betting during last year’s Indian Premier League.

In other sports news, Japan’s Mao Asada won gold in the women’s Figure Skating World Championships. Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan won the men’s gold.

Indian astrologers are making predictions about who will come out on top in India’s elections next month. They’re also suggesting what jewelry each politician should wear for good luck.

A survey of education in Pakistan came back with mixed results; however, it did show that 91 percent of girls go on to middle school.

Well this is good news (or not): Japan is letting the US assume control of its nuclear cache. This is the result of President Obama’s push to secure the world’s nuclear materials.

Tensions are rising in Myanmar as a census is taking place. There are fears that Muslims will not be able to register as “Rohingya.”

Finally, in really good news, the World Health Organization has declared Southeast Asia polio-free. I am side-eyeing US anti-vaxxers so hard right now.

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