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News in Europe: The Russians Are Coming

Greetings, citizens! This last week has been all about Russia freaking everyone out. Let’s see if we can make some sense of it, shall we?

The situation in Ukraine has almost reached critical mass, with Russian troops now in charge of the Crimean province. Our own Susan wrote an excellent article about the psychological aspect of Putin’s aggression, but the political side of this crisis is no less worrying and confusing. Here are a few pieces that highlight different aspects¬†of the matter. Nice to see that the experts agree…

A report commissioned by the EU has found that shocking numbers of women in Europe experience abuse and sexual violence. Here is the information straight from the EU’s Agency for Fundamental Rights. Read it and weep.

In the UK, an investigative TV program has found that the government has held back a report on the impact immigrant workers have on the job market. Turns out it’s not as bleak as everyone is making it out to be. Go figure.

The mayoral election in Paris features an all-female cast, and of course there’s plenty of drama in it, because the media love that sort of thing.

Also in Paris, the police have been messing with crime numbers in order to make the city of love more attractive.

Pompeii is in trouble, and the new guys in charge of Italy are getting stuff done! Well, they’re investigating.

In science news: Nikola Tesla is causing trouble for the orthodox church. Which is amazing, given that he’s been dead for a while.

For all our American readers, something we Europeans prefer to keep quiet about: The Eurovision Song Contest is coming. Again. It just won’t go away. Over the last few years, it has become clear that very few countries actually want to win this thing because hosting the event would bankrupt many smaller countries. The UK, bless their hearts, seem to have the money and the will, but alas, not the acts. This brave woman is trying this year, and the only way is up.

And finally, the Pope kicks effing ass.

Until next week. I’m off to bury my jewels to hide them from the Russians.

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The Crimea decided to turn Russian again? WTF? What century are we living in again? Will Russia’s secret army of soldier bears (help us, Lyra) be discovered next? I really feel like I’m reading a “mid-century adventurous detective story that will lead you through Eastern Europe” here.

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