Pupdate- March 8, 2014

Asher pup is doing great at his new home.

A dog sits on the couch, his skin is still irritated but improved.
Look how much better he already looks! (Photo via Becks)

His mom got his blood work and his skin biopsy back — he’s been cleared of any autoimmune issues. His vet has confirmed that his problems are chronic untreated allergies and secondary infections, which are contributing to slow healing. He’s being weaned off of steroids, which is good because they make him kind of a douche bag. He’s also starting long term antibiotics and probiotics. He’ll stay on the prescription diet until he’s completely healed and then they can work on figuring out what he’s actually allergic to. He’s taking longer than expected to get better, but that’s due to how bad he was allowed to get before starting treatment.

This will be our last Asher Pupdate for a bit, but we’ve got a surprise in store for next weekend!



By Laura-C

Hopes to someday train her dogs not to be douchebags.

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