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This Open Thread Is Happy

With minions, of course.


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I think I need to have this song on repeat. Between the Hobby Lobby case today and the lies by the anti-choice crowd and the reaction of evangelical Christians to a major Christian charity no longer discriminating against married same-sex couples in hiring practices (hint: it was AWFUL)… I think I’m tapping out of the whole deal.

This fucking song …

My mom spent most of last week in the hospital, desperately sick with something the doctors still haven’t been able to pinpoint. I had to get up before dawn to get to the hospital in time to meet with them each day, after having to stay up past midnight with my little guy. Each day, as soon as I started the car I jammed the headphones in my ears and put this song on repeat, and it never once failed to make me dancing-in-the-elevator happy.

There aren’t enough words for how much I love this song.

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