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This Weekend Open Thread is Getting Caught Up

Back to reality. Stupid reality.

Well, I’m back from Spain. Spring break is over. I no longer have the plague. Time to relax? No. It’s the home stretch on my semester, and I have some work to do.

Let’s do this.

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I guess, fortunately, once the problem is fixed, my mood improves fairly quickly. My radio is back and all is well with the world! That being said, I think one of my self-care goals for the summer should be seeking out some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and seeing if I can change my “Red Eyeballs of Rage” reaction. It confuses the dogs.

Also, a random person complimented me on my lipstick, which was awesome since I was wearing a pretty bold color and I hardly ever wear any lipstick at all, so I’m never sure if it looks right. And the weather is gorgeous. And I hemmed a pair of my husband’s pants and it came out really well. And I’m totally in a bounce-back mood right now :)

This weekend in my city is just ridiculous because ALL the things are happening. It’s Megacon (I’m sad I’m missing the day and panels, but I may be going to the afterparty.) The NCAA tournament is here. There’s a big golf tournament happening and the most popular area art festival is taking place this weekend too. Traffic is a nightmare and all the restaurants are packed.

The introvert in me wants to hide, but the geek/art buff/sports fan wants to out in it.

I just found out the Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl is next weekend. Next weekend is also Lexie’s birthday. I have attempted to convince her that she wants to go visit some baby sheep, but so far no such luck. Damn! But I did arrange for a couple of her friends to meet us at this huge local-ish indoor playground we just found out about, so I feel less guilty about not having a “party.” And I used my sinus headache as an excuse to get out of going to another parade today, so I don’t have to hang out with her best friend’s annoying mom three weekends in a row, so that’s a win.

There are a lot of yarn shops in the area, many that have their own sheep and/or alpacas and make their own products, so once or twice a year they all have specials on the same weekend to encourage local knitters/crocheters to check out new shops. Last fall one of my crochet classes happened to fall on that weekend, so I was able to get some nice stuff cheaper than usual. I may hit the new store in town sometime this week anyway since it’s right by the library and I’ve been meaning to go there too.

We ended up drinking wine and eating sushi and crying about the shitty bits of our pasts, instead. It was GREAT! But sad. But also very healing. I’m so very grateful P-mag has had such amazing articles by rape and abuse survivors, they helped me know how to respond during the “crying about the past” part.

Please forgive spelling errors, phone plus drunkeness equals poor typing.

So I’m about to rant for a second. Fair warning for anyone who wants to bail cause it’s very First World Problem-y.

My roommate’s boyfriend drives this awesome, gorgeous, ridiculously huge truck. I’m talking, this truck is very “hey I’m compensating.” The problem is he drives said truck like a city man. It isn’t allowed on the grass and God forbid the person who wants help hauling something. It ain’t happening. Well this guy keeps parking his big ass truck in the most inconvenient places. Usually in my parking spot. We made him move it once cause because he parked it in a way that would’ve made me have to be up at 5am to move my car out of my roommate’s. Then there was this morning. This beautiful happy morning. I’m up and starting to run errands when what do I find? His Fucking big ass truck parked so close to me that I can’t get the fuck out of our carport. Fucking asshole. There’s two feet of concrete to his left! But nnnooo it’s too close to the grass! His wheels might get dirty! So instead he’ll park within an inch of my car so I’m stuck between him and the fucking poles in the carport. I just. Gah! If you’re going to drive a big ass truck, learn to park it. It’s your problem not everyone else’s to deal with. Fucker.

/end rant

Honestly, I can’t tell. Cause sometimes he’s super awesome, but sometimes he royally sucks. But they’ll break up in the next few months, so it’s not a huge deal. She’s moving at the end of June. Either way I won’t have to deal with his truck in just a few months.

I did steal his keys and move the damn thing this morning though… I only feel mildly guilty about it. I really needed to run errands.

At some point today, the satellite radio in my car stopped receiving almost all the channels. All that it’s currently getting are sports and talk. It’s really not THAT big a deal, but it’s the kind of random small thing that totally throws me off my game. Emergency abdominal surgery on my dog-I handle that shit like a champ. I come home and husband is cooking something other then the pre-planned meal? Shit hits the fan and I can’t even. I AM CURSING AND YELLING ON THE INTERNET THAT IS HOW POORLY I HANDLE THIS STUFF!

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