We Vibe It: The Magic of the Magic Wand

My wife and I put Uncle Sam’s money to good use. Not only did we pay for our upcoming honeymoon to Portland, we finally bought a toy we had been coveting for a year or so. I had heard amazing reviews from my friends especially from a few trans friends about how awesome the Hitachi Magic Wand was. We had to feel this for ourselves. Our sex life has improved greatly since I started the life-saving hormone treatments.  We are now eleven months into estrogen coursing through my veins. I love my body so much now. I really enjoy how free and sexual I have felt since the correct hormones have entered into my body.

The Cadillac of Vibrators has proven to be a very well-spent investment. The curves of both of our bodies seem to hug that damn wand and cause the best sensations.  I never knew pleasure could, well, be so pleasureful. The two speeds that come with your basic wand seem to be fast and faster. I can see why it was originally marketed as a back massager before people figured out what it was really good for.

My test drives with the Magic Wand have produced some of the best sensations I have ever felt. As as a solo act, I can lend my voice to the fact that it is a powerful tool for masturbation. I would definitely recommend this to anyone of any gender identity. It can stimulate pretty much any area of the body necessary. I feel like I am finally reclaiming my body. To me, it has unleashed the inner sexual being that had been seen in stages but not fully actualized.

We also purchased a flutter tip attachment. It came highly recommended from the person at Babeland. We had looked at it a few times before as well before we made our big purchases. For the link-averse, it looks can best be described as a cup with a fish fin attached. They describe it as a petal but I couldn’t help but think of a fin. The fin or petal flaps really fast. It makes an amazing sensation play and really helps certain areas feel the vibe.

Being a sexual creature did not seem to ever be in the cards for me, but I am so happy I am unleashing her into the wild. I have never felt as free as I have these last eleven months. Every new sensation brings new thoughts and new places. The Magic Wand seems to be my own personal Stargate.

I was inspired to write this because of the severe lack of positive trans sex narratives. We should not feel ashamed of our bodies and our lovers should be ashamed of our bodies. I highly encourage self-love for everyone.

If you want to purchase any sex toy, not just the Magic Wand, I recommend Babeland or Good Vibrations. They are both sex-positive, feminist, queer-friendly shops that have taught me a lot.


By Alyson

Queer Pop Culture Junkie in the Northwest. Addicted to Coffee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fantasy Sports, The Mountain Goats, and Tottenham Hotspur.

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