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The end of the wesinter season approach and the shows are really moving toward their finales or mid-season cliffhangers. Lots of tears in Tokyo Raven and Nobunaga The Fools. Samurai Flamenco came up with its craziest episode yet, if that was possible. Buddy Complex set up the temporal paradox and, finally, Nobunagun had an action-focused episode this week.

Tokyo Raven ep 20

You know something bad is going to happen when the first half of the episode is super happy.

Bakatora is the reincarnation of Yakou. Unfortunately, because of the spell Natsume did to let him see spiritual energy, the Raven’s cloak tried to take him over. Natsume pretty much sacrificed herself to fix that, at the cost of her life.

She at least had the time to tell him she was Hokuto and that she loved him. Haratora wasn’t too happy holding a dying Natsume though. Next episode should be interesting.

Samurai Flamenco ep 18

“This is kind of getting old!” Mizuki, I love you.

So much Engrish. The show is pushing hard the “Aliens” = “foreigners cultural invasion” metaphor. I like it.

Also, this episode is full of super awesome quotes, like “What’s wrong with being an idiot?” And super crazy stuff that cannot be described. I mean, Hazama had a chat with the Will of the Universe. It appears that Flamenco has 0.000002% of granting a wish. Hazama made one around episode 7.

Large flamenco crater on the moon.
Flamenco crater on the moon.

There are still a bunch of episodes left, but this felt like a final episode. Weird. I’m a bit scared what is going to happen next.

Buddy Complex ep 8

I was right, two stranded people on an island. This episode also had a bit too much Hina!

Aoba actually saved her life here though, her mecha fell into the ocean and her cockpit was filling up with water because she was sinking. Of course, this episode continues on with “Aoba is really stupid.” He still hasn’t realized that Hina isn’t the Hina who brought in back to the future.

He did tell her his story though and gave her the hairpin (paradox!). He also let her go (stupid, you know). I’m not sure how Bizon is going to go crazy now, but all theĀ  pieces are in place for Hina to move to the past and save Aoba.

Also, Dio is such a tsundere.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 7

Himiko didn’t die, Nobu’s little brother did. It’s sort of weird though, Himiko got “magical” treatment, while nobody seems to have cared about one of their Lords. Well, beside crying, a lot. Although, I guess the people who saved Himiko were from her own clan. That might explain it.

Nobu is going to be totally pissed off once he learns that it was Mitsu who did it. If he learns about it, I didn’t bother checking history to spoil myself. So Ceasar has a business partnership with Takeda. He’s been selling weapons and tech in his war of conquest. This is rather interesting. Especially when historically, it was Oda Nobunaga who loved the Western stuff, mostly guns. The meeting was weird, I’ll sum it up with: Sigh, men.

Men drinking before a duel, caption reads "Well, then."
Duel ritual drinking.

Ceasar ended up killing Takeda after he lost the fight and was in the process of giving his two (yes two) Regalia to Nobu. He only received the Fire one. Lighting and Fire, nice mix.

On a totally random comment, I’m really wondering who is the purple haired dude (girl? going by the voice) is. She/He is in the OP, but only showed up briefly in this episode.

Hamatora ep 8

They had to replay that scene at the beginning. Why? It hurt enough last week. Dammit, Moral has a lackey with the same eye color has him… huh.

Hamatora got a job in Okinawa, but to save money, they “returned” to school to save on the trip. How does the school see that, one student and teacher suddenly coming back? So the job is to bringing back a dude who makes forever-sleeping potions to his brother who works for the Labor, Welfare and Health government. Politics are so not pretty. The guy took his own drug in the end, to dream of being a super hero who everyone likes.

The end was a bit ridiculous though. Hajime asked Nice to bring back melon hamburger and the only place he could find any was as a reward for a triathlon. For some reason, Ratio, Birthday, Three and Honey were all participating. The competition ends with people hitting each others with bitter melons. Nice is even unbeatable without using his minimum and Moral is still super scary.

Nobunagun ep 8

Vidoq is quite the brain. He deduced that the Aliens use an undersea tunnel to travel, as opposed to go around continents. That is scary, but I don’t get trying to take the Panama canal with a WWII boat if that is the case.

Bouahahah, Nice Couple. I think someone is making fun of Buddy Complex. Sio’s nightmares are scary though. So Jack doesn’t get along with Geronimo, no surprise here.

That’s a big monster, they classify it as “battleship-class.” It’s also quite intelligent. Only Sio understood what was happening and she wasn’t in Oda’s mode. She’s a strategy genius, cool.

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