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The shows are building up! Tokyo Raven was full of drama and promises plenty of action in the next episode, as does Nobunagun. Samurai Flamenco had a slice of life/character episode, which introduced us to Goto’s personal problems. Hamatora focused on Three this week, and Nobunaga the The Fool had some action and exposition.

Tokyo Raven ep 21

Harutora really lost his marbles after Natsume’s death. I really liked Touji saying that a shaman cannot bring back the dead. After this statement, both he and Bakatora looked at Suzuka because that is exactly what she tried to do in the first few episodes.

Suzuka got to meet her dad, and she lost her marbles too. It also appears that Takiko isn’t exactly in control of her familiar. He’s plotting behind her back. I wonder what is going to happen with that.

The shaman agency arrested Harutora but let the other kids go. They aren’t even trying to seem innocent anymore. We also got to see Harutora’s dad(s) (both the fake and real one) and the other familiar woman he has (the lady generator). She was all sad about Natsume. I wonder what the relationship is between all of them. If Natsume is not from the main branch, who is she related to?

Genji (the boss of the Shaman agency and Kyouko’s dad) did something really stupid in this episode. He asked the crazy Reji to hunt down Ootomo. Someone is going to get his ass kicked soon, especially with Ootomo calling in Douman to attack the Agency.

The next episode should be good!

Samurai Flamenco ep 19

Six months later…

Ok, something doesn’t work here. Hazama for World Government President? What. The. Hell. Is that? Evil left the world? There is no more crime? Even Hazama finds it strange and feels uneasy. It’s also apparently very boring as Konno is experiencing depression. Only Moe is hyper — she is actually writing MMM songs because Mari is out of inspiration (and she find the whole thing fake). Mari doesn’t seem to be affected by the “peace and love” spells put on the planet. As Hazama puts it, “You are probably the last source of evil on the planet.”

A Red Axe clock, I want one!
A Red Axe clock, I want one!

Ishihara and Hazama could make a cute couple. Mari did make the suggestion to Hazama, but he rejected it, saying she was more like a big sister. Mari really has a thing for Goto. She gets a bit angry when she learns he was going on a date with his girlfriend. Yes, Goto is going on a date with his girlfriend for the first time in a year. Mari and Hazama end up stalking him. Might I add that Mari has no taste in clothing. Those pants! My eyes.

Now for the really sad part. Goto has been texting himself. His girlfriend was his classmate in high school and she ended up disappearing along with a bus driver a long time ago. The question is how this thing is going to link to the rest of the story (along with Hazama’s parents’ murder and the kid that blew up a building by telling Hazama something he told him in episode 1).

Buddy Complex ep 9

This episode was sort of funny. Dio and Aoba have a fight the entire time. Even while fighting, Zoglia and the captain of the Cygnus observe, “They are always like that.”

On the Zoglia side, we learn why the Varja is trying to get the new type. One of the researchers of the Coupling System defected, but now he wants Elvira’s cockpit to finish his work. Margaret, the special agent, is also in deep trouble because she failed again. I don’t like her, but the rest of the Varja aren’t so bad.

We also get more clues as to how the time travel happened: the Coupling system uses a time leap to transmit the data. It’s basically quantum communication. This probably means that Zoglia is going to end up creating a time machine in the future.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 8

We got regalia exposition this episode, and I’m wondering where Jeanne got hers because she didn’t know what it was until now.

It also appears that you don’t need a big mecha to use them — she “conjures” a weapon for the Fool without it being linked to Nobu this episode. She also saves his life with it because Caesar was kicking his ass.

We also have a better idea of what Caesar is looking for. He wants the Regalia so he can replace King Arthur. I guess the show will move to the other planet in time. Nobu has three regalia now (fire, wind and lightning) and Jeanne has one, too (purity).

Hamatora ep 9

I’m not sure I get the munching at the start. Seems like minimum holders are not supposed to use such public displays of power. This is sort of weird when they actually get jobs in high places. Also, Art doesn’t want to see anyone (well Moral-Art); he is also making many changes to the murder investigation.

This episode is Three-Honey centric. First, we learn that Three likes kiddo and he has an enemy. We also get to see back-story…in Engrish. The reference to Little Women is a bit weird; although, it might have been chosen for the name and not so much for the story. Three used to be a Special Ops soldier. I guess he dropped out when one of his ops ended up killing small kids. He runs an orphanage now and is getting bashed. Dude’s got issues. He created the orphanage to raise the very people who are supposed to kill him (to punish him for his sins). It also appears that Honey was the first orphan he “adopted.”

Three and his cute
Three and his kids…so cute

So Moral’s friend runs a flower shop called Anemone (ouch). She also used to be a programmer. Nice got to meet her because he deduced that Moral has a super hacker friend and her shop’s web ads are a little strange. They pop-up at the right time. He also seems to have an army now.

Nobunagun ep 9

Asao is back, sort of. After the last episode, Sio was sent to a Japanese hospital to heal up and Asao shows up. Let say that Sio blundered more than talked through the whole episode.

Sio uses her power without an AU ball, although this was mentioned by Kappa in an earlier episode. He totally drains her, so Jack’s arrival is well-timed.

The episode raises my Dogoo is evil flag. And there is something weird about Saint-Germain — he blew up in a car but was totally fine afterward. I’m starting to think that he has a power and can’t be destroyed. He’s probably based on the Count of Saint-Germain.

Before I forget, Asao is a Jack+Sio shipper. LOL.

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