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The winter session is coming to a close soon, so all the shows are building up a climax or just going crazy like Samurai Flamenco and Hamatora. Buddy Complex and Tokyo Raven have a nice setup for drama. The Nobunaga shows are going slower, but I believe both are 2-cours (26 episodes) so the ramp is not that pronounced to climb.

Tokyo Raven ep 22

Can I have a tiny spider familiar like that? I find it cute.

So Tenma chickened out, not really surprising, Suzuka is not happy, but I’m not sure she has what it takes to deal with her dad, either.

Taizan Fukun is actually a school of magic that deals with souls, not just a single ritual. That’s interesting. It also appears that Yakou did not fail his Taizan Fukun ritual, but something else. The bad guys seems way more interested in Harutora because he is the heir than because he is Yakou too. Interesting, someone wants to have an easy pawn maybe? Takiko wasn’t enough, I bet. Lots of exposition about past-Yakou here, stuff we already knew.

Ootomo and Kid-Douman are awesome. So is the “Fire Demon.” Kon’s speech destroyed the Genji and Suzuka’s dad mental manipulation. Really, Takiko should try to control her pets better. Although, the best is the old man, you know — the guy with the fans. He is still alive and I guess he was helped out by Suzu, because last episode she said she had to do something. Although, it’s funny that three different groups are trying to free Harutora right now.

Samurai Flamenco ep 20

The building exploding last episode was actually Hazama’s room. Haiji is a self-proclaimed last enemy of Samurai Flamenco. He repeated the word “Flamenco” over and over again. Hmm, did he have his wish granted, is he crazy or is it Hazama that is going crazy? He saw the kid apparently one year ago and nobody saw him beside Hazama.

All the Flamengers were attacked, not physically, but psychologically (their most precious possession was attacked). The old man who was the stationary weapons was pushed downstairs, though.

Red Axe was crushed by a truck and he is in critical condition.

Hazama vs Goto who will win?
Hazama vs. Goto: who will win?

Hazama vs. Goto was something. Is it the end of their friendship? The ending hinted strongly to Hazama having to “fight himself.”

Buddy Complex ep 10

My only reactions to Dr. Fermi’s funeral were: Aoba looks cute in that uniform, and why is there only the Cygnus crew and a few researchers there? This is a father-centric episode. We learn about Aoba’s dead father, Dio’s daddy’s issues, and Nina’s badass father (and most probably daddy issues too).

Let’s start with Ryzan, Nina’s dad. He’s old and ping all kinds of death flag. They moved ten years ago to live beside Bizon’s. There is something strange there. Dio’s daddy is an idiot (so is Dio). Fiona has all the brains in that family.

On their side, Zolgia decided to infiltrate the Hawaii base to steal the mecha. Next episode title suggests some secret will be exposed (I’m voting for Nina’s dad).

Nobunaga The Fool ep 9

Jeanne got a mecha! I didn’t and did expect this. It’s called Orléans and was built using scrapped parts of Giant War Armors found on the battlefield. Nobu didn’t seem happy about it, though. Jeanne was a fan, it might be the hair or the high heels. The mecha is sort of girly. Although, besides that, she sucks at using it and cannot active the Regalia. She did find how to do it of course, but it wasn’t simple.

Uesugi Kenshin is a bit overpowered, well his (or her? The woman’s voice really doesn’t help here) War Armor is overpowered. It caused some sort of earthquake that killed an entire army: Caesar’s army. The freak is not dead, yet. He also made an alliance with Kenshin.

Mitsu is having nightmares over his dad. Himiko is making awful smelling aphrodisiac meals for her beloved. The Monkey wants a mecha too. And the Knights of the Round table want 12 regalia for 12 people of power to get the Holy Grails. That at least explains a few things.

The ending was a bit too much, though. The bowl of emptiness is Oda’s precious inheritance?

Hamatora ep 10

Moral is so crazy and this show is so X-Men. It’s a bit weird, everyone “mundane” acted like they never heard of minimum holders when a few episodes back, with the crazy-lady formed the “anti-Minimum” group, she made public speeches against them.

The drawing is showing the before and expect after of a diet
The drawing is showing the before and expect after of a diet

We see her back in this episode, along with her deformed kid who was released from jail, along with will the other imprisoned bad minimum holders. Moral has an entire army. He really has a megalomaniac personality, too.

The most shocking part of the episode was the ending though… Art might not be dead after all. Momoka, Moral’s assistant, is keeping him company.

Nobunagun ep 10

I’m surprised by this episode being Old Commander-centric at the start. I didn’t expect that much character development for the minor characters, really.

So, the old commander of Dogoo is old, she was recruited on September 5, 248 in Japan. She went periodically into waternation (hibernation but in some sort of water; I made up the word). At some point though, a few centuries ago, Saint-Germain was found and he is immortal and not an E-gene holder.

They went around gathering DNA. The lady wasn’t a fan of picking Nobunaga, and she ditched Dogoo over it. She than aged normally, living with  Saint-Germain in a little house in Japan that got razed in a war. Than she said, screw it; took her 1500 years to learn that sometimes you need to protect things by any means necessary.

Back to the present, Dogoo decided to go along with attacking the tunnel, but Jack doesn’t trust Vidocq’s plans and asked Sio for her E-gene’s one at the place. Seems like Jack’s E-gene is quite strong in term of self-preservation. Sio totally pwned Vidocq there. But tanks… on a super carrier?

Funny fact, all of Dogoo’s ships are named after fictional characters who fought aliens. Including Ripley!

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