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The season is almost over. Samurai Flamenco, Tokyo Raven and Hamatora are really close to ending. It’s a bit unclear for Buddy Complex (there has not yet been a second season announcement) and Nobunagun (I don’t remember how many episodes it is supposed to have). For its part, Nobunaga the Fool added another mecha, which makes it feel like the show is still in the introduction phase.

Tokyo Raven ep 23

I was wrong…and right! I was under the impression that Suzu saved the Fan dude, among others, even though it was Tenma online. We were both right, sort of. Suzu gave Temna the tool to free the Raven Coat, while the Fan guy was watching. Then Douman freed him from his jail. He was the guy with the spider. He was created by Temna’s mother, one of only two.

Crazy Divine General is probably blind now. Otomo’s curse in an earlier episode wasn’t a bluff. He is also nowhere near Otomo’s level. Even Fire Demon Myachi is crappy compared to Omoto. He only knows fire magic.

Bakatora is saved this episode and Kyouko has her first start reading, which caused Kagure to enter a fight against Otomo at the end of the episode. I’m not sure what is coming next, but Natsume is most probably coming back.

Samurai Flamenco ep 21

Huh? Moe thinks that Mari saved the world while Hazama got all the credit for it. Also, Mari has all the luck in the world, if I can say that. Mizuki and Moe were poisoned by their drinks, but Mari hadn’t had the time to drink hers, so she dodged the bullet for now. Of course, Haiji is responsible.

Red Axe woke up! And Lady Axe found a way to diss Suzuka yet again. It also appears that Haiji does exist because Red Axe saw him and even heard him talk. We also learn about the power of love! That was sort of missing, really. Although, I love (no pun intended) how it was introduced as the secret weapon against the main enemy of the hero: loneliness.

Ishara display her obsession
Ishara displays her obsession

Having gotten to know Ishara since the start of this show, she it is the last person I expect to see talking about love. She strikes me as a really lonely person. I’m starting to think that IsharaxHazama isn’t out of the question.

Goto is captured, so we have a King Torture redux on our hands. Even Haiji refers to it. We also learn that Haiji doesn’t know love, well, beside his obsession with Samurai Flamenco.

Buddy Complex ep 11

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Two new prototypes, one old one that pre-dates Luxon and Bradyon (which in the Mecha genre means that they are more badass). We get SkyKnight and Firebrand, and why the hell these two are named like that despite being orange and green is beyond me. Blue and Red would fit so much better. They are kept in storage and according to Elvira will never fly again. Yeah, right.

I’m not sure if Zoglia understands the concept of undercover work. Blowing up everything on the base and sending mecha to attack isn’t what I call undercover.

The coolest part of the episode though is when Hina learns that she isn’t Ryazan’s daughter. She is adopted and is suffering from memory loss. Ryazan found her in Zagreb. He died too, and so her last link to Zoglia is now gone… She’s so defecting soon! Although, her adoptive data is badass.

Weird part of this episode: Aoba and Hina chat while the entire Hawaii Alliance base is under attack by Zoglia. He’s such a sweet guy and Hina is having an identity crisis. Bizon isn’t happy though and we can see how his descent into madness starts. Hehehe. The new mecha are probably the Jaeger’s prototype in Pacific Rim. They allow the pilots to exchange memories. Dio now knows that Aoba isn’t lying.

There were a bit too many “Hina” in this episode.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 10

The Monkey really deserves his name this episode. Or maybe we should rename him Son Goku. We also learn his past. His little sister was killed by Oda men when they were kids. She actually starved to death because the soldiers took all the harvest. He draws the Temperance card this episode. He joined the army to get revenge, but later changed it to support Nobu: if he can unify everyone nobody else will have to starve to death.

So Caesar orders more Giant Armor from the Star of the West, and even the other Knights of the Round table are starting to think he is useless and thinking of going after him (he’s so dying soon, unless he is kept around until the end to be kicked by Brutus, ahahahaha).

You know, everyone thinks that Nobu is a genius, but really without Mitsu, Jeanne, and Leonardo he would have been killed a long time ago. Mitsu and Leonardo are the real geniuses. They have an awesome plan to steal Caesar’s newly arrived mecha, although Brutus is part of the package. I’m not sure why Caesar orders a mecha armed with Tonfa that seems to be especially made for the Monkey. He calls it Goko. And rides a golden cloud.

It's a Flying Nimbus (It's a dragonball reference)
It’s a Flying Nimbus (It’s a dragonball reference)

This episode had awesome mecha action and I’m starting to wonder about Leonardo because he talked about having to invite Hideyoshi to the “banquet” after he activated the Regalia of Wind.

Hamatora ep 11

I think that Nice does something wrong at the beginning of the episode. He shouldn’t have invited Moral; he should have killed him right away. Nice hates Moral because he can’t stand people who decide which people are weak and which people are strong. It also appears that Art might still be alive. Momoka is having tea with someone (or she’s into necrophilia).

Takahiro is dead, blown up by Moral after he saves his mother. Destroying such a cathartic scene is a pool of blood. All his “fake” minimum holders probably have bombs in them,¬†too. Hajime gets pissed off at the end, her eyes turn red, her wound auto-heals, and something happened that I’m not sure what it is. She never went to the faculty, maybe she has a forbidden¬†power. Considering that she is always hungry, maybe she is a vampire?

Nobunagun ep 11

The start was a bit weird with “alien” thoughts and flashbacks point-of-view… also that creepy voice saying: Nobunagun, Nobunagun. This was a crazy plan that worked. Being military crazy does have its uses, so Sio is total genius here. Also gravity wells are cool, even the monkey believes that. Jeez at the ending. I guess it was going well, but was the tentacle rape that necessary?

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