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A Gif-Based Story of Avoiding Responsibility

I could do my work. Or I could find a bunch of gifs that show you how I’m not doing my work.

The semester is almost over, and you know what that means: avoiding my projects! And how does one do that exactly?

Option A: Sleep

A gif of a yawning baby sloth

A gif of a dog curling up in a blanket

Option B: Food

A gif of Kirby inhaling a ton of food.

A gif of Liz Lemon working on her night cheese.

A gif of Patrick Starfish inhaing burgers.

Option C: Cleaning

A gif of Hank Azaria in Birdcage, dancing as he cleans.

A gif of a Boston terrier riding a Roomba vacuum.

Option D: Dance party

A gif of Azaelea Banks from the "212" video.

A gif from Seinfeld of Elaine dancing.

Option E: Making Persephone posts about procrastination

A gif of Ron Swanson typing every word he knows.

A gif from The Simpsons of Comic Book Guy typing.

Option F: OK, fine, I’ll do my work

A gif from "Friday" of Ice Cube laughing and then making a confused face.

A gif of a woman screaming in terror.

A gif of David Tennant as The Doctor shaking his head "no."

But, come on, let’s be honest here…

A picture of a cartoon woman on a computer next to a clock reading 3:17 AM.

By [E] Liza

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7 replies on “A Gif-Based Story of Avoiding Responsibility”

Cleaning is my absolute favorite procrastination technique. I love it because I feel like I’m doing something, but I’m not doing anything that needs to be done. I feel like my apartment gets extra clean around finals. Like, my baseboards have been dusted twice since I started writing my final papers. I’m considering pulling out the stove and vacuuming behind it.

It’s funny you say that…I worked this morning and didn’t sleep much last night and I’m so tired my brain feels like a fuzz ball, even though I all ready took a nap this afternoon. I’m also ridiculously hungry. I have one final left, it’s a 1-2 page paper (single spaced though? who does that?). If I had more energy I’d clean or have a dance party. I’m torn between making motions towards planning my paper or sitting on the couch in a daze watching more Bob’s Burgers. Final is due Friday. I’ve got time.

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